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'Secret Life' Spring Premiere: Ben Gets Caught Smoking Pot

Mon, March 26, 2012 11:58pm EDT by Andy Swift 1 Comment

Plus, in a ‘Secret Life’ first, the entire episode went by without anyone saying the word ‘sex!’ Like, not even once!

“Does everybody think I’m stupid?” That rhetorical question — posed by Amy (Shailene Woodley) on the March 26 spring premiere of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager — really could have been asked by anyone on the show. Because, on some level, they were all a little bit stupid. At least this week.

Grace (Megan Park) was stupid for thinking she could successfully carry on a relationship with Daniel, while still harboring feelings for Jack (Greg Finley). Wait, not just harboring feelings — acting on those feelings. Daniel wasted no time dumping Grace, prompting her to enroll in summer school with Adrian (Francia Raisa) for some reason. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t follow the logic with that one.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang faced the consequences of their partner-swapping actions, as their lives have become nothing short of a sexual square dance. Madison (Camille Winbush) officially un-BFF’d that slut Madison (Renee Olstead); Alice (Amy Rider) told Ben (Ken Baumann) that Henry (Allen Evangelista) slept with his wife; and Adrian — well — she tried to date two brothers at once. And one of them was Bow Wow.

But the ultimate act of stupidity came courtesy of Ben , who got caught smoking pot with Dylan (Ana Lucasey) and her gaggle of bizarrely eclectic girlfriends. Mind you, I’m not call him stupid for trying pot — I’m calling him stupid for doing it in his house, while his dad was home! Ben… sweet, sweet Ben… If you’re going to be on a show with “secret” in the title, you should probably think about occasionally locking your bedroom door.

Of course, there’s always been one Secret Life character you can count on to be the voice of reason in a world of insanity — and that’s Ashley (India Eisley). Amy’s snarky little sis returned from her big trip this week, only to announce she got into college early and will be taking off in the fall. But not before calling Ricky’s (Daren Kagasoff) proposal “embarrassing” and mocking Amy for thinking her life is perfect when, in reality, it’s pretty much a hot mess.

What did you think of The Secret Life‘s big spring premiere? Do you think Amy and Rickey will go through with the wedding? Do you want Grace and Jack to get back together? And, be honest, how pumped are you watch Ben become a total stoner? Hit up the comments section with your thought on tonight’s episode!

— Andy Swift

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