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'Gossip Girl' Can't End Next Season — Chair And Dair Fans Need To Come Together

Fri, March 16, 2012 6:49pm EDT by 130 Comments

If ‘Gossip Girl’ producers shorten its final season, it will be a disservice to ALL shippers! Chair, Dair, Derena, HECK — even CHERENA fans — ‘Gossip Girl’ needs our support!

A new report has surfaced that Gossip Girl producers are going to cut short season 6 — its alleged final season — due to poor ratings. If this is true, Gossip Girl could potentially only have 10 to 15 episodes to go and then its life as a series is over. Just writing these words bring tears to my eyes. Gossip Girl is my favorite show; I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet!

It’s no secret these are some very troubling times for the CW show. It’s safe to say these the Dark Ages of Gossip Girl. Even though the show attracted 1.4 million viewers for its 100th episode Jan. 30, that still was a significant drop from the 3.4 million viewers that tuned in for the season 2 premiere in 2008. Coincidentally or not so coincidentally, this was the season that primarily focused on the relationship between Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester).

Now, before you Dair fans call me biased and attack me for being a Chair fan, the numbers show viewers favor Chair over Dair. And while this is difficult for me to propose, I think it needs to be done because if the final season of Gossip Girl is going to be shortened, it would be a disappointment to ALL fans. The series wouldn’t end how it was originally planned to end!

So no matter what ship you ship, we’ve all been treading the same water here and it’s time for us to come together for Gossip Girl — the show we love and enjoy to watch!

So this is my challenge to all fans! We need to keep watching the show. We can’t give up just yet! Gossip Girl fans, we can’t let the final season be shortened!

Vote and sound off in your comments below.

— Nicole Karlis

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