'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A' Tries To Kill Jenna In A Fire — Again

Mon, March 5, 2012 9:13pm EDT by 44 Comments

Seriously, what is it with Jenna and fires? And even worse: Why am I starting to like her?

Jenna (Tammin Sursok) returned to Rosewood with a bang on the March 5 episode of Pretty Little Liars – and not just because she got caught in Jason’s (Drew Van Acker) house as it literally exploded. She also appears to have totally brainwashed Toby (Keegan Allen), who looked like he was about to slap Spencer (Troian Bellisario) during their intense encounter at school.

But does this mean Jenna can’t be “A”? Someone sent her a text, pretending to be Jason, to lure her into his house before it exploded. There’s no way Jenna could have somehow orchestrated that, right? The last shot of the rubble revealed a badge, so my money’s on Garrett (Yani Gellman). After all, he was super peeved at her for leaving town a few episodes ago — and as a rule of thumb, I don’t trust guys who spend their free time staring at young girls from a distance while nomming on M&M’s.

While Spencer and Emily (Shay Mitchell) looked through Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) belongings for clues, Aria (Lucy Hale) spent the hour getting dirt on her from Duncan (Lachlan Buchanan), who also happens to be the most handsome pilot to ever grace Rosewood’s friendly skies. He apparently flew Alison back to Pennsylvania after her infamous trip to Hilton Head, meaning she was in town hours before the girls thought she was.

Meanwhile, Ezra (Ian Harding) discovered something I’ve been waiting for him to find all season: His backbone! He stood up to Ella (Holly Marie Combs) and Byron (Chad Lowe) after they basically told him to leave town and forget about Aria. They’re so not Ezria shippers.

But the award for “saddest moment of the night” goes to Emily, who read a heartfelt letter from Maya (Bianca Lawson) after receiving a text from her. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, which really must be true — because I want Maya back in Rosewood. Like, right now!

OK, kids, we’ve only got two more episodes this season, so let’s figure some stuff out: Have you scratched Jenna off your “A” suspect list? Was Garrett the one who set the fire? And what’s the deal with Maya’s vague text? Hit up the comments section with your best theories!

— Andy Swift

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Posted at 10:09 PM on March 16, 2012  

i have no idea who a could be but i think garret has something to do with it. i think when hanna hit the person with the car i think that was garret helping A cause at the end when the person found the phone gone, they smashed the window and everytime i see garret in his car, the window is ‘down’. and at the police station he says ‘what are you doing here’ to A when the girls are arrested. i also think he doesnt want to help anymore and that is why A planted his badge after the house fire. i dont know, just an idea :) but i love this show

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Posted at 4:56 AM on March 16, 2012  

My friend kaylee got me absolutely addicted to this show and I love it. I love how they made people question their guesses about Mona. The audience thought that “A” was mona because that’s who “A” was in the book!!! I love how every time I make a guess about “A”, they always make some sort of plot twist to completely rule that person out!

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Posted at 10:26 PM on March 11, 2012  

Since the last episode had me thinking that Spencer’s mom was involved (anyone else think it was odd that she used the phrase “blow it up” when talking to Spencer just before the explosion?), I was thinking back to another thing she said to Ella and Ashley at the Truth night. They were talking about how the girls had changed “when they lost Alison”…Spencer’s mom said, “I don’t think it was when they lost Alison. I think it was when they met Alison”. It’s like she’s blamed Alison for everything that has happened to/with the girls. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one who paid Alison that money Jason found.

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Posted at 8:42 AM on March 7, 2012  

I just checked. Right. So she got a text that she LISTENED to from jason. Thats possible? or does she mean a voicemail?

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Posted at 4:13 PM on March 7, 2012  

Most phones have the ability to read a text message to you. And being blind that would be the best way to get a text message. I know my phone does and I have a ENV3 (older that dirt phone).

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Posted at 5:00 AM on March 16, 2012  

Jenna is blind remember? She probably has something on her phone that reads texts for her because she can’t read them.

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Posted at 8:41 AM on March 7, 2012  

Did Jenna say Jason called her or texted her? She is blind so how can she see the text? if someone called her, the person would have to be male for her to confuse him with Jason. (Remember Mona can make different voices?)Yet, A is supposed to be female. Im thinking that others are involved with A or maybe the person who texted her and tried killing her was not A. And how was it that Jenna got into Jason’s house in the first place? Does he not lock his doors? Then again, A probably opened it. Why would she go alone to Jason’s house? And why was A’s chosen place to blow up Jenna at Jason’s house? Maybe Jenna knows who killed Ali and now that her vision is almost back, the killer felt in danger of being revealed and decided to get rid of her. If it really was Jason who tried killing her in the fire, i don’t think he would choose to do it somewhere like that where he knows he would be the one blamed. Someone is trying to frame both Jason and Garret. And i agree that it is really suspicious that Spencer’s mother would say to her to “leave the bag outside. Don’t go in” like she knew whats going to happen. I can only imagine that she didn’t have good intentions if she knew what was going to happen and didn’t bother saving Jenna. But then if you remember, Spencer’s mom was saying to Spencer “Jason is the one who wants to blow things up”…Maybe Spencer’s mom is trying to frame Jason by inviting Jenna into his house and pinning it on him out of anger towards him. But then, at the end of the episode at the hospital, she seemed rather relaxed with him sitting next to her. Plus, i think when Jenna arrived at Jason’s, Spencer’s mom was talking to Spencer in their kitchen. So maybe it wasn’t her.

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Posted at 6:50 AM on March 7, 2012  

I notice that Hanna is the one who gets harmed the most by A. A is always going after her with the whole situation with Hanna’s mom stealing money, Hanna stealing, Blackmailing Hanna into revealing something about her friends in order to collect money to make up for the money her mom stole, Hanna being hit with the car at Mona camp, Hanna getting a text from A to tell Caleb to stop investigating, Hanna on the boat with Lucas, Hanna lately being threatened about the police report about her stealing a pair of sunglasses, and i think it was A who revealed to the school about Hanna getting lipo. Hanna seems to be targeted the most while Spencer hardly does. I don’t think its any of the girls…since they almost came face to face with A 2-3 times. Its a whole different person or maybe there is more than one person. Personally, i notice that A has a different body shape each time. Sometimes A’s body shape is very feminine and slender, other times its short and then its suddenly tall. In the end of this episode, A’s hands seemed really girly even though they were hidden in gloves. But when A was almost discovered and was running from the girls(the episode where A dropped his/her phone)the body seemed like Mike’s for some reason.

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