'RHOBH' Recap: Taylor Armstrong & Camille Grammer Have Screaming, Near Fist Fight

Mon, December 5, 2011 11:52pm EST by 15 Comments
Taylor Armstrong

Taylor accuses Camille of putting her life and her daughter’s life in danger and then denies she’s having a breakdown. Plus more!

The Dec. 5 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continued with the overarching theme of the tension brewing between Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer after Camille got into an argument with Taylor over the alleged abuse — and it was only a matter of time before the situation exploded.

Before things turn ugly, Kyle Richards accompanied her mother-in-law, Estella, to a visit with her plastic surgeon, who happened to be Adrienne Maloof’s husband, Dr. Nassif. In Beverly Hills, there’s no better way to bond with your in-laws than at the plastic surgeon’s office.

After acting disgusted by her mother-in-law’s botox injection, Kyle admitted, “I’ll never say never with plastic surgery.”

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump was still preoccupied planning Pandora’s wedding, as well as planning the opening of her new restaurant.

Brandi Glanville planned a wine-tasting party at her house — complete with belly dancer — to get the girls together and make an attempt at fitting in. All these housewives mixed with alcohol was a simple recipe for disaster.

Before arriving at the party, Taylor spoke to Kyle about the potential fight with Camille and said, “I am not ready to accept an apology.”

Kyle admitted that she does want to find out all the details about Taylor and Russell’s marriage. “I want to know the full story about the abuse with Taylor and Russell. I think Taylor is worried Russell will hurt her if he knows what Camille said,” she said.

Camille and Taylor engaged in an awkward hug that was painful to watch — and it only went downhill from there.

At the belly dancing party, the housewives couldn’t seem to get over the fact that Brandi was not wearing a bra while wearing a semi-sheer white dress. Taylor stepped outside and by the time she returned to the house, she was in the middle of a major breakdown.

Taylor spoke to Camille’s friend Deidre and said, “In my life there are people I trust and people I don’t trust… I don’t want to be betrayed.”

Taylor approached Camille in an attempt at talking through their problems, but Deidre got in the way and wouldn’t allow Taylor to continue to speak to Camille in her negative tone.

That sent Taylor into a GIANT meltdown, which had her screaming at the top of her lungs while crying and climbing on a table.

Deidre defended Camille continuously while Taylor kept screaming, “I have never hurt her — she has hurt me so much!”

In the middle of her temper tantrum, Brandi asked Taylor to leave, which started a fight between Brandi and Kyle.

On the way home, Kyle asked Taylor to talk about the situation that just occurred, and Taylor insisted, “I can’t forgive Camille.”

Kyle said, “I have never seen her like this before. I think shes realizing now the severity of her situation.”

The episode ended with Taylor’s chilling line — “I can’t live my life like this.”

What did you think of the Dec. 5 episode of RHOBH HollywoodLifers?

Lauren Kalma

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Posted at 4:55 PM on December 12, 2011  

Taylor has to sit down tell her good Friend whats going on with her an her hubby becauses She’s at her point in her life she will have a brake down. Now everyone can see that Taylor is not well and ITs Going to get wost! She needs to Open up to one of the house wives and I think that would be Kelay is very close’s to her,I know if that was me I would of ran to my bestest Friend so I could tell her everything that happen to me an my hubby, “Then I ask her what do you think I should do? And just let her say whatever came in her mind. Like a Friend dose.

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Posted at 10:16 AM on December 7, 2011  

How do you begin to believe someone who has NO credibility? She’s currently being sued due to a out of court settlement that allowed her to evade criminal charges of fraud. She and Russell swore there were no more fraud victims are out there – 3 more have now come forward. Under the terms of the settlement they signed – they owe that company $1.5 million in damages. What’s she going to say next – Russell twisted my arm and made me do all this? Is that what all these dometic abuse stories have been about – – laying the groundowrk for a defense? Poor Russell (and his children).

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Posted at 5:21 PM on December 9, 2011  

the whole thing is ugly and sad, particularly in that you’ve got one man dead, one woman with an eating disorder and deep psychological challenges, and a child having to witness it all. i don’t care whose fault it is, it’s just ugly and sad. poor kennedy.

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Posted at 5:03 PM on December 12, 2011  

Really? I didn’t know it was that bad, “I mean like wow”. I know now how she must feel as a mother,wife and Friend before it was O stop crying over this an that. Now its much bigger then that.

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mimi tholsted

Posted at 2:49 PM on December 6, 2011  

OMG Taylor again and again behaving like 2 years old with tandrum-fit in a toystore…..she never stop screaming and yelling left and right ?….everywhere she starts total caos for the attention surely and putting everybody down one by one ….she is very very sick and should be in a clinic for a loooooong time away from her daughter …..Kennedy has big issues too you notice that immediately…..about her husband Russel and his control okay not my style of man – but she choosed him….? if he abused her? I think so absolutely – 2 very very sick people, tired of watching Taylor and her babylike behavior…….

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Posted at 8:58 AM on December 6, 2011  

Oh & did anyone notice at the end of WWHL how Andy called her out on her lying that she expected the polls to side with her when they were actually a lot closer & sided more with Deedra. Her face told it all! She is really delusional & believes that her victim act will win her fan-love, attention & sympathy. Nice work Andy!

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Posted at 7:53 PM on December 6, 2011  

interesting. i just tried to watch it on the bravotv website, but it didn’t show that part, i don’t think?

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Posted at 8:56 AM on December 6, 2011  

Did we watch the same episode? Dedra was trying to console Camille & facilitate them making up – everything seemed to be going towards that direction until Taylor snapped and told Camille “outside” in a very confrontational tone which caused Deedra to defend Camille as any friend would – Taylor’s tone was aggressive & scary! Why would anyone want to “talk” to her when she speaks like that?
Taylor has major issues & I don’t believe she is the victim – victims of abuse are not always playing the woe is me card or trying to be the center of attention. Notice how every time the focus is not on her, she starts drama. All those articles about her fraud & involvement w/ Russell’s schemes make me think that she knew where her marriage was headed & figured that she shoudl set herself up for pity & concern among her social group so that no one would believe the accusations & know what she is truly capable – she is complete manipulator & mentally ill – reminds me of a Casey Anthony type.

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Posted at 9:03 PM on December 22, 2011  

You took the words right out of my mouth. Taylor & Russell were both scammers.

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susan williams

Posted at 7:28 AM on December 6, 2011  

i feel taylor is trying to make her self the victum. know one really knows what happens behind closed doors. i felt bad that russell took his own life. for all we know taylor could have been the one that was beating on russell. i don’t feel sorry for her at all even if the truth comes out tht he was hitting her taylor is a bully.

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Posted at 1:08 AM on December 6, 2011  

After watching each episode of the Bev. Hills HW – I feel Taylor has mental issues … she always tries to come off as so meek, weak and wants to avoid conflict – – but if you watch her closely – she is the one that confronts. She is the one that takes a relatively normal situation and twists into something that makes her look the victim.

Taylor doesn’t appear to know how to have a productive conversation and resolve issues. What I’ve been seeing on the show is probably mild, compared to how she acts at ‘home’. I don’t trust Taylor, nor do I believe she was the ‘victim’ she preaches to have been … she may very well have taunted and argued with her husband to the point where he just couldn’t take it any longer.

Just my 2 cents.

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Posted at 2:13 AM on December 6, 2011  

I completely agree Taylor is always the aggressor!

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Posted at 9:59 AM on December 6, 2011  

Same here! I shudder to think what Russell went through being married to someone like Taylor!!! She kept Russell in debt because of her uncontrollable spending habits! Remember the over the top birthday party for her daughter, which it was clearly something that they could not afford. Taylor has the “keeping up with the Jones” syndrome.

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Posted at 7:44 PM on December 6, 2011  

i’m not sure if i agree with the word aggressor, but she definitely is often a trouble maker that seems only to know how to deal with things by inciting drama. in the after-interview, watch it live, i think she was trying to take responsibility for that (acknowleding that some of what happened to her was a result of her own flaws)- tho clearly she’s still trying to understand it all through therapy. regardless, nobody should ever be hitting anybody unless it is in defense.

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Posted at 5:14 PM on December 11, 2011  

True, true, true!

She never cowered around him, never seemed afraid. She even said that she “couldn’t squint with the botox in her eyes”, but she had to squint a certain way to “let Russell know when she was mad at him. (That was a bit filmed with Paul last season. I do believe they fought together, and she used the victim excuse. What a disservice to real victims.

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