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'Teen Wolf' Recap: Allison Finds Out Scott Is A Werewolf! Ruh-Roh!

Tue, August 9, 2011 7:00am EDT by Andy Swift 3 Comments

Scott’s hairy secret is out! Do you think Allison will come to his rescue, or will she help her family take him down?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of watching teen dramas, it’s that formal dances never end well. The Aug. 8 episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf followed this rule to a T, setting the stage for next week’s season finale: Mr. Argent figured out Scott (Tyler Posey) is a Beta, Lydia (Holland Roden) suffered a bloody attack from the Alpha, and — worst of all — Allison (Crystal Reed) now knows about everything!

But let’s back up a bit…

The episode began with Allison finally getting “the talk” from Aunt Kate (Jill Wagner), which for the Argent family, goes something like this: “Werewolves are real. We hunt them. Grab a stick!” And in lieu of a wolf-beating stick, Allison picked up her trusty bow-and-arrow and headed into a dark alley for some target practice. As it turns out, girl’s got great aim.

Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) spent the episode still chained up in the Argents’ basement, and we learned a few interesting nuggets about his past. First, his relationship with Kate is way more than just captor/captive. Not only have they had sex, but Kate also revealed she was in love with him — which eventually led her to the realization that Scott must be the other Beta! (History repeating itself, and whatnot.)

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) finally got a chance with Lydia, as she agreed to be his date to the dance, but things didn’t go quite as smoothly as he’d hoped. It didn’t take long for Lydia to get a hankering for some Jackson (Colton Haynes), so she took off to find him — and ended up coming face-to-fangs with the Alpha! Stiles came to her rescue, but it might be a little late, as Lydia’s last scene left her bleeding out on the lacrosse field.

Scott was banned from going to the dance — he’s on academic probation — but snuck in to keep an eye on Allison. He managed to get her way from Jackson long enough to give her an epic apology speech, and it must have worked, because the two quickly took off for a romantic rendezvous in the parking lot. Their twosome, however, quickly became a foursome when Allison’s family showed up to take Scott down.

To save his life, Scott wolfed out — and Allison had a front-row seat for the whole damn thing.

What do you think will happen on next week’s season finale? Will Derek escape from the Argents’ clutches? How will Allison react to Scott being a werewolf? What new depths of teenage awkwardness will Stiles sink to?

— Andy Swift

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