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'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans In Drug Rehab For 45 Days — New Report!

Wed, May 11, 2011 9:36am EDT by 5 Comments

Jenelle has voluntarily decided to deal with her battle with drugs! She’s finally on the right track!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is finally trying to get her act together. The 19-year-old MTV reality star departed from the Long Beach Airport in North Carolina to go to a 45-day drug rehabilitation program in Malibu, Calif. starting May 7, according to a new report.

After pleading guilty to a possession of drug paraphernalia charge on April 14, Jenelle decided she wanted to get her life back on track. “She’s actually excited about going to rehab,” Jenelle’s friend Patrick Jay Williams tells OK! magazine. “She wants this. She wants to grow up. She wants to find a better way of life.”

As told you first, Jenelle has met with her probation officer twice and both of her drug tests have come back clean. “She’s been clean for weeks, so the rehab isn’t so much about getting sober,” explains Patrick. “It’s more about her needing to find ways to deal with her anxiety and stress.”

“She tries to find relief by using pot and Ecstasy,” continues Patrick. “When she takes Ecstasy she gets the feeling that everybody loves her. And in truth, on the island, a lot of people hate her.”

But Jenelle is determined to clean up her life for her young son Jace Evans so that she can get back custody of him from her own mother, Barbara Evans.

“She wants to make a better life for herself and Jace,” Patrick tells the mag. “She wants to finish off probation without having to worry about going to jail.”

It’s not going to be easy for Jenelle, though. “The counselors will want to get inside her head and break down her old ways of thinking,” says Patrick. “They’re going to ask her to exposed herself in a way that she hasn’t done before.”

Jenelle “wants the next 45 days to just get her head on straight and to be far away from her mom and Kieffer [Delp] and all the pains of her life.”

And being away from Kieffer is especially good for Jenelle. “Kieffer became the one major influence in her life, but it wasn’t a healthy one,” says Patrick. “They beat on each other, took a lot of drugs together, did crimes  together and now they are paying for it with constant court appearances.”

We have reached out to Jenelle’s attorney Dustin Sullivan, but he had no comment.

– Lindsey DiMattina

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