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Experts Spill On How Brunettes Can Look Pretty In Platinum, Just Like Emma Stone!

Fri, March 11, 2011 7:07pm EDT by HL Intern 3 Comments
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We always want what we can’t have! But CAN brunettes go blonde without looking like a freak? Totally! Read on to see how it’s done.

Blondes can always go darker, but it’s so difficult for dark-haired girls to lighten up! We wish we can all look great with blonde hair, but unfortunately it’s not for everyone — or is it?

Emma Stone, 22, maybe a natural blonde, but she’s gone even lighter, rocking platinum locks this year — and we absolutely love it! But how difficult is it to maintain the ‘do if you’re not a true blonde?

Author of Fast Beauty: 1000 FixesRona Berg, thinks anyone can go blonde — but she said it takes a lot of maintenance. “You’ll need to touch it up every two to six weeks, which can be damaging to the hair. Extreme color and the harsh chemicals needed to achieve it can weaken the strands and leave hair high and dry.”

If we do decide to go blonde, Rona told us to use shampoo for color-treated hair to keep our hair soft and healthy. “It has a low pH, which is gentler.”   She also suggests, “In-between, run a bit of argan oil or other plant-based oil through the ends to keep them silky and supple.”

Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble agrees! She said that conditioning treatments keep hair healthy after highlift color.  “Also use color refreshing shampoos to keep the tone of color so it doesn’t fade.”

Author of Sephora: The Ultimate Guide to Makeup, Skin, and Hair from the Beauty AuthorityMelissa Schweiger, warned us to think twice before going blonde. “If you have a very olive complexion, then adding a few face-framing highlights might be the best bet.  But for lighter complexions, I say go for it!”  Some things just aren’t the greatest idea for everyone — that’s what makes it so desirable!

Moreover, dying your hair blonde isn’t a one-step process. “It may take a few trips to the salon since you don’t want to completely fry your hair or end up with a brassy orange tone,” Melissa said.  If we really want to get those platinum blonde locks, we’re going to have to prepare for long hours sitting in a chair!

Would YOU go as blonde as Emma Stone?

— Amanda Chen