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'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Poor Christina! Baby Daddy Isiah's Family Pressures Her For A DNA Test!

Wed, December 1, 2010 1:16am EDT by 39 Comments

Isiah’s ready to step up & be a dad, but his family doesn’t trust Christina!

The Nov. 30 episode of 16 and Pregnant introduced us to new teen mom Christina! She grew up in Rochester, N.Y., but moved to Alabama during her junior year of high school — and that’s where she met and fell in love with the star of the football team, Isiah. But things spiralled out of control when the couple moved into Isiah’s Grandmother’s place, got married without telling anyone AND Isiah lost his football scholarship! Why? Because Christina became 16… and pregnant!

Baby daddy Isiah is ready for the responsibility, but his own grandmother thinks he should get a paternity test before he commits raising a kid that might not be his. Maybe G-ma thinks Isiah wasn’t the only football player who scored with Christina! Still, she swears there’s s no possible way it could be anyone else’s child.

Isiah’s family doesn’t make things easy for the parents-to-be, so the two start working on getting their own place — but Isiah thinks it’s a good idea to blow the couple’s entire $300 savings on car speakers! Christina isn’t too happy with that one, but as the baby’s due date approaches, Isiah gets serious about his role as a father and caregiver. And just in time, the couple finds a place they could afford a week before Christina’s due date.

After 26 hours of labor, Christina has a C-section, and thankfully Isiah is there to help Christina after the major surgery, but he eventually has to head back to work to provide for his new family. Both parents feel the stress of being responsible for a child and seem to miss being teenagers. Christina wishes she could leave the house more often, and Isiah reminisces about his days on the football field.

At the end of the episode, Isiah’s family has the couple over for dinner and ambushes Christina with a paternity test! She’s so insulted she takes baby Destiny and goes home. She and Isiah later talk it out and agree a paternity test should have been discussed privately, not at a family dinner.


Here’s what you need to know about Christina:

  1. Will she be a good mom? At one point, Christina said everyone expects new parents to become adults just because they’re going to have a child, but the fact is they’re still children. I think Christina will do the best she can, given the circumstances. Her mother is far away and she will always have to battle Isiah’s family, but I think her enthusiasm and excitement for motherhood is a good indication of how she’ll be as a mom. She’s dedicated to Destiny, but it’s obvious she’s upset about not finishing school and teaching English to inner-city kids.
  2. What’s her family like? She doesn’t really have any family. Isiah’s family has really become the young couple’s support system, even though they haven’t made it easy for Isiah and Christina.
  3. How’s the baby daddy? Isiah is understanding and supportive. Even when his family doesn’t support the idea of Isiah becoming a father, he stands by his decision. But all these young dads have a difficulty understanding the importance of financial security. Isiah shouldn’t have spent all of that money on car speakers when he should have been thinking about getting a place for his new family. But once his daughter is born, Isiah starts to become serious about his role as a parent.
  4. How crazy is everyone? Isiah’s family is really difficult. His entire family is really cruel to Christina. His mother, grandmother and sister are all disappointed that Isiah is becoming a young father after having a great football scholarship. Even though his family disapproves, and STILL thinks he should get a paternity test, he stands by Christina and Destiny. It seems like his family’s strong opinions don’t effective him too much, though they do put a stress of the couple’s relationship.

— Alanna Finn