Nanny Reveals Suri Cruise Never Hears The Word 'No' And Eats Cupcakes For Breakfast

Wed, November 17, 2010 10:57am EST by 5 Comments

Here’s a glimpse into Suri’s princess life — including diamond tiaras, lavish playrooms, toys and cupcakes! Talk about spoiled!

Suri Cruise may only be 4 years old, but thanks to her celebrity parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, she lives a lavish life. With nannies waiting on her hand and foot and personal bodyguards and drivers escorting her to NYC’s FAO Schwarz toy store for shopping sprees, this tiny toddler is one little princess! As the daughter of a billionaire superstar, we know Suri is bound to be spoiled, but a nanny and family insiders tell Star magazine that her parents have bought her $25,000 tiaras — “even though she’d already flushed a pair of diamond earrings down the toilet” — and if Suri wants to eat cupcakes for breakfast, that’s what the kitchen staff have to prepare. Suri apparently never hears the word “No.” Are Tom and Katie creating a little monster?

Tom and Katie treat Suri like an adult!

A princess needs a castle fit for a queen, which is why Suri has a $100,000 Disney castle-themed playroom in Mommy and Daddy’s $30.5 million Beverly Hills home! And one of Suri’s caretakers reveals to Star magazine that when the family hits the road, “they set up a makeshift playroom for Suri wherever they go,” with tons of toys and a couple of dolls from her collection of 200 to play with!

And if that doesn’t do the trick, Tom and Katie grab Suri and hop on their private plane 3,000 miles across the country to their daughter’s favorite toy store, FAO Schwarz, where she can shop ’till she drops! She brings all these new goodies home to her playroom, where she keeps her luxury dress-up collection. “Tom and Katie have bought her lots of expensive jewelry,” another source explains, “even though she’s a kid.” But being a 4-year-old, she doesn’t understand the difference between real diamonds and sparkly plastic gems, so she flushed a pricey pair of diamond earrings down the toilet!

Suri visits Katie on the set of her new film!

Sadly though, Suri doesn’t have many friends to play dress up with considering her best buddies seem to be mom and dad’s employees! “She has her own driver, who ferries her around in an $80,000 Escalade, and two plain clothes bodyguards,” a source tells Star. “She brings them cupcakes that Katie has specially made at an exclusive shop and draws pictures for them. And she loves putting makeup on her nannies. They’re her buddies. She doesn’t really interact much with other kids.” The magazine reports that Suri doesn’t get the chance to meet other tots due to the fact that she’s home schooled and attends ballet and French lessons taught by fellow Scientologists.

Suri doesn’t like to fly!

And there’s no shocker here, but despite her scheduled daily routine, Suri always gets her way. “She never hears the word ‘no,’ from a nanny or anyone else,” a source explains. “Whether Suri wants cupcakes for breakfast in bed or toast at 2 a.m., the staff has to jump up and get it.”

–Leigh Blickley

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Posted at 7:04 AM on May 30, 2012  

OMG!!! Seriously, cupcakes for breakfast,
helicopter rides and luxury trips to FAO Scarwz! Is
she serious? Never in my *** life would I EVER get
treated like that! The latest I have ever stayed up in
town at night was like 11:30 p.m!!! Not 1:00 a.m!!
I do not think Tom and Katie know how to raise a

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Posted at 9:26 PM on September 14, 2011  

u can still spoil your kid but at the same time teach them right from wrong and proper manners,politeness and say the word no to a child when there’s cause to say no! what is wrong with these ppl? she is a child and needs to be taught these basic things just like any child needs to be taught ! it has nothing to do with money or class but just basic human decency! not instilling values in your child is unacceptable! what if she watches a cool gun fight in a cowboys n indians movie or any type of movie then goes and takes a body guards gun unnoticed or something and starts shooting ppl or shoots some1 she doesnt like? you might laugh, but i’m dead serious! this child is always being taught that whatever she wants she can have and whatever she does is ok and she can have her way no matter what it is she asks for so it isnt to far a leap to her doing something, while maybe not that drastic but it will be something illegal or immoral sooner or later and maybe even cause some1 real physical pain. these parents really shouldnt have any kids in their cre no matter how much money tom has or how famous he is! shame on katie for being such a horrid mother when she grew up so loved and grounded by parents who taught her so much better andd she she blatantly threw it all away when became mrs.tom cruise! i’m not a hater in the least bit i’m just some1 who is honest and blunt about things! there r some things that are just right or wrong and there isnt any way to distort them to look like you are doing something right when you so obviously arent ! spoil your kids all you want but dont damage them or bury their naiive little heads in the sand! the rest of the world wont and youre only setting them up for serious penalties in life whenn reach the outside real world we live in! you cnt be that stupid, tom or kate! kate ur new to this way of life and wasnt long ago you were not famous so help your daughter you love so much! she’s a child,not your bff! grow up and get friends your own age and do the same for your daughter! no wonder she acts so shamefully! shame goes to you katie! i have lost any ounce of respect ive ever had for you and no longer love that girl next door facade you faked! so sorry for the pain you cause your beautiful parents on a daily basis! =(

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Posted at 1:03 PM on March 23, 2011  

I wonder if Toms adopted daughter with Nicole Kidman got the same treatment? Probably not, Nicole wasnt brainwashed by him like katie. They will wish they id things different when she becomes a wild uncontrollable teenager! And a pacifier for a 4 yr old?!! They are out of their minds!

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Posted at 5:55 PM on November 25, 2010  

I think Suri is a beautiful girl. Tom and Katie can raise her in whatever way they please. If I had the money, I’d spoil my child like this too. I wish I could’ve had this kind of childhood. Instead of complaining that her parents waste so much money on her, how about going out and donating your own money since you feel it’s so bad?

Seriously, is there no pleasing anyone? If Suri had no freedom and was locked in a cage all day and only fed bread slices once a day, you’d all still complain!

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Posted at 9:43 AM on November 24, 2010  

Woow! So this is why Suri looks so yummy-yummy and full of energy. I need to feed my child with these damn cupcakes (I know diamonds are too expensive). Oh, and never say NO to a child, that should do the trick. Ridiculous stories.

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