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SHOCKER! Jennifer Aniston Plays A 20-Something Who Seduces A Priest In Next Movie, ‘Buttercup!’!

Thu, October 21, 2010 9:19am EDT by 9 Comments

Jennifer Aniston has phone sex with her boss and tries to seduce a priest in her next movie project ‘Buttercup.’ Whoa, Jen!

We’re used to seeing Jennifer Aniston, 41, in romantic comedies as the good girl who goes through emotional turmoil before ending up with the man of her dreams. But Rosemary Boyle, in the indie feature Buttercup, is a total — and we mean TOTAL — departure! We got the script — and her role is seriously racy.

The movie centers around Rosemary’s relationship with her father and his drug and alcohol problem. Rosemary lives in NYC but most of script is shot in her father’s unspecified hometown. got a copy of the script and now we’re sharing the juiciest tidbits!

  • Jennifer will be playing an emotionally roiled, Zoloft-popping 20-something secretary who cheats on her boyfriend with her boss via phone sex. (We can’t wait to see how they make someone in their early 40’s look 20 years younger!)
  • Jennifer’s character Rosemary has to deal with the death of her mother when she is young, leaving Rosemary to grow up with her creepy dad. He is addicted to dating site and trolls the Internet and local bars, heavily intoxicated on drugs and booze, looking to hit on young girls.
  • Even though Rosemary has a boyfriend (whom she ends up breaking up with via voicemail) and has sex with her boss, she has a crush on the African-American priest in town, Father Stephen.
  • Rosemary’s attraction to Father Stephen leads her to his house where she pushes herself on him for a passionate kiss. This prompts a physical altercation between Father Stephen Rosemary’s dad.
  • For the Friends fanatics, there is a small cameo of Jennifer’s career making show in the film. Funny.

Does this make you want to see Buttercup as much as us? Sound off below!

Aimee Curran with reporting by Sarah Rose Attman and Russ Weakland