EXCLUSIVE! Head Of Kody Brown's Polygamist Sect Says: I Told Him Not to Do TV Show — TWICE!

Tue, October 12, 2010 1:30pm EST by 2 Comments

You’ve heard before that Kody did NOT get the blessing from the head prophet of his Mormon fundamentalist group, but after speaking with the man himself, we learned just how seriously Kody disobeyed the sect’s leader!

HollywoodLife.com spoke exclusively with Joseph “LaMoine” Jenson, the leader of the Apostolic United Brethren, the Mormon fundamentalist group, of which Kody is a member in Lehi, Utah. The Head Prophet tells us that Kody did NOT tell him of his plans to be on a reality TV show until it was well underway, and he was totally against Kody filming Sister Wives, the seven-documentary series for TLC.

“I’ve told him twice to stop filming,” said LaMoine. “He had already planned this when he came to me for my blessing, and was already well involved before I knew anything about it.”

Kody is currently being investigated in Utah for violating polygamy laws [polygamy is illegal in all states]. LaMoine, who has been a polygamist his entire life, says he sees nothing wrong with his faith, his only qualm is that Kody is exposing it to the world to make it legal.

“Kody is convinced he is doing the right thing,” says LaMoine. “He thinks it’s going to help the lifestyle and get plural marriage decriminalized, but I personally don’t think that will happen. I told him exposing his family was unnecessary.”

But LaMoine is not alone, he tells HollywoodLife.com that most members of the Brethren are against Kody exploiting their religion.

“Most of the people as far as the fundamentalists don’t appreciate it,” he says. “I think he had the best of intentions, but people are coming to me every day and are saying they do not appreciate the publicity and some of the things portrayed on the show.”

LaMoine wants you all to know that he believes that we all come from a polygamist background.

“It’s interesting that so many people in the United States are against it and frown upon it,” he says. “Because so many people practice this culture, mainly Europeans, and so many people here came from over there. It’s typical that the United States would feel the way they do.”

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Jancis M. Andrews

Posted at 6:33 PM on October 11, 2010  

Have Kody the Copulator’s three concubines worked out the financial penalties they’re paying for staying in this spoiled little boy’s harem? Only the legal wife and her children are entitled to share in his life insurance, health insurance, his pension benefits, etc. The other three women are on their own and face poverty. You have to feel sorry for these pathetic women — they lack the self-confidence to run a household by themselves, and feel they need the help of other women in order to wash the dishes and vacuum the carpets. They should try growing up, they may like it! As for Kody the Copulator, someone should enlighten him that it’s 2010 AD, not 2010 BC, when women were considered chattels and sexual collectibles. I don’t think he wants to hear that, though. He’s having too good a time.

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Miss Mac In TX

Posted at 12:54 PM on May 24, 2011  

Additionally, many people may be unaware that many employer benefit plans have changed to allow both same sex, as well as opposite sex domestic partners to obtain benefits. So, next year, I will be on my opposite sex partner’s benefits from his employer…he can only designate one, but I will be that ONE, and yet, not be married to do so. There are just some requirements to establish the relationship to be considered eligible, and I would call them demonstrations of mutual financial interdependence that are verifable. Thank you Obama…

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