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EXCLUSIVE! It’s Time To Pull A Sandra, Jaime — You Should Ditch Your Cheating Husband, David Boreanaz!

Tue, May 4, 2010 5:49pm EDT by 8 Comments

Three experts agree that it will be nearly impossible for David to change his adulterous ways and avoid having affairs in the future. Best to get out while you can, Jaime!

David Boreanaz has joined the ranks of philandering celebrity males Tiger Woods, Jesse James and David Letterman by admitting — after he was outed (natch) — that he was unfaithful to his wife of eight years, Jaime Bergman. spoke with three top relationship experts who all believe the same thing: David’s not going to change his ways.

“The guy’s a loser,” Steve Ward, the host of VH1’s Tough Love: Couples and CEO of Master Matchmakers, tells us May 4. “I’d tell [Jaime] to move on. He doesn’t deserve her. If he hadn’t gotten caught, he probably would have continued to cheat…with other women.”

Although he hasn’t yet named his girlfriend, the 40-year-old Bones actor reportedly had an affair with Tiger Woods’ alleged number one mistress, Rachel Uchitel, while his wife was pregnant with their second child.

In an interview with People May 3, the supposedly sorry husband and father claimed he’s still struggling to fix his relationship with his wife. “We’re working on our marriage,” he admitted. “We’re working on repairing what has been damaged so badly.”

However, Beverly Hills-based psychologist and celebrity expert Dr. Shirley Impellizzerri wonders how sincere David’s apology really was…and if it’s even possible for him to change this late in the game.

“Once you’ve done it once, unless there’s a drastic change, there’s no reason you wouldn’t do it again,” she says, explaining, “Actors, especially, get tempted all the time with some of the most beautiful people in the world. It’s very, very difficult.”

Should Jaime give up on her marriage altogether? Our experts say that while reconciliation is a possibility, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

“[David] needs to give her some time and space to determine if she can rebuild the trust. I think people can forgive different transgressions. But who knows if she’s able to get past it? That’s going to take awhile,” New York-based relationship expert Amanda Kane tells us.

“Everything is possible, but it’s gong to take a long time,” Dr. Shirley agrees. “It’s going to be completely based on his behavior. She’s gong to have to be open to trusting him, but his behavior is going to have to match his words.”

In other words, “[David] is not going to be able break wind without [Jaime’s] permission,” Steve says.

Before Jaime sends her philandering hubby packing, she also has to consider what’s best for their two children, 8-year-old son Jaden and 8-month-old daughter, Bardot. Experts say it’s only healthy for the parents to stay together for the children if they maintain a loving, kind environment — not one where the mom and dad can’t stand each other.

“People seem to think for the kids’ sake you stay together — but if there’s animosity and disrespect, that’s NEVER better for the kids,” Dr. Shirley tells us. “Staying together and being in a contemptuous relationship is never the best thing for the kids.”

Steve agrees, explaining, “Sometimes the best thing you could ever do for your kids is break up. Just because you’re a poor wife or husband doesn’t mean you have to be a bad mom or dad.”

–Kirstin Benson



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