UPDATE: Simon Monjack Denies Report That Brittany Murphy Took 109 Vicodin Pills Before She Died

Sun, February 28, 2010 10:55am EDT by 18 Comments


Brittany’s fiancé says the pills were prescribed to her mother.

UPDATE #2: Brittany’s fiancé Simon Monjack tells RadarOnline.com he is furious over the report that claims Brittany overdosed on Vicodin, which was allegedly prescribed to her by an unknown physician. He says the pills in question were prescribed to Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, who is a cancer survivor. Simon says the “outrageous” claim is having a negative impact on Sharon’s health and that she is considering taking legal action against the initial publisher of the report.

UPDATE: According to a new report, Brittany Murphy was given a prescription for 120 Vicodin pills 11 days before she died. On the day her body was found in her LA home, there were only 11 pills left in the bottle, TMZ is reporting. The coroner’s report on Brittany’s death says she should only have taken four per day (maximum), which means there should have only been 44 pills missing at the time of her death. The L.A. Coroner’s Office is investigating, trying to figure out who prescribed Brittany the pills. The bottle is marked “Cohen,” but that has not led to any substantial findings as of yet.

Even though the LA Coroner’s Office ruled actress Brittany Murphy‘s death an accident, the toxicologist who spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.com tells us the amount of prescription drugs in Brittany’s system was “shocking.”  When the coroner’s office released their full autopsy report on Feb. 25, it revealed  SIX different types of drugs were found in Brittany’s stomach, along with methamphetamine’s in her urine, blood and heart.

The six drugs found in Brittany’s stomach were: Propranolol, Hydrocodone, Phenazopyridine, Fluoxetine, Dextromethorphan, and Chlorpheniramine. According to our expert, toxicologist Dr. Richard Parent, who has not seen Brittany’s autopsy report, tells us, “what was in her stomach was a deadly combination. All of these chemicals going into her liver at once … it’s like trying to get into a [subway] car in Manhattan during rush hour.”

What makes these drugs so dangerous — taken all at once — is that they use the same isozyme, an enzyme which breaks down chemicals in the liver.

Dr. Parent says, “To find all of these [drugs] in the person’s stomach is kind of extraordinary. Somebody [was] not paying attention to the [possible drug] interaction. If Brittany were getting all of these drugs from the same doctor and same pharmacist … someone should have told her not to take these all together.”

When Brittany was first found dead in her LA home on Dec. 20, several pill bottles and medications were found all over the house. Some were prescribed to her, others were under the names of her husband,  Simon Monjack, and her mother, Sharon Murphy.

We know that Brittany, 32 was known to suffer from severe anemia, but the last time she went to the doctor was months before her death.  The LA County Coroner’s preliminary autopsy report, issued Feb. 4, stated that Brittany’s death was: “Accidental caused by community acquired pneumonia, iron deficiency anemia, and multiple drug intoxication.”

So, even though Brittany’s death was ruled accidental, and no illegal drugs were found in her body at the time of her death, it still seems as though she ingested a “deadly combination” of prescription drugs before she died.  So sad.

Read this breakdown of the six drugs found in Brittany’s stomach:

Propranolol: Is for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure), angina, certain types of cardiac arrhythmias, certain types of cardiac output diseases, a sympathetic nervous system disorder known as pheochromocytoma, hyperthyroid conditions, migraine, heart attack, and tremors of a variety of origins. It is also used on occasion for the treatment of medication-induced movement disorders caused by antipsychotic drugs and certain anxiety states in people suffering from a specific form of social phobia.

Phenazopyridine: is used to treat pain, burning, increased urination, and increased urge to urinate. These symptoms are usually caused by infection, injury, surgery, catheter, or other conditions that irritate the lower urinary tract.
Fluoxetine: is an antidepressant in a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It’s used to treat major depressive disorder, bulimia nervosa (an eating disorder) obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

Dextromethorphan: is a cough suppressant. It affects the signals in the brain that trigger cough reflex.

Chlorpheniramine: is used to treat sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and runny nose caused by allergies or the common cold.

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Posted at 7:51 PM on January 16, 2014  


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Posted at 8:57 PM on March 26, 2010  

You know there has been something just not right from the very beginning of Brittany’s death.

I read some where that the night before she died her eyes were darting back and forth. I know if my daughter had been sick, vomiting and then her eyes darted all over the place. I would be on the phone with 911 like yesterday.

I guess they just thought she was high? It is apparent that they assumed it was drug related cause who in their right mind puts a person in the shower to revive them?

That is what you do to try to snap the addict out of it.

Sharon and Simon need to do some serious soul searching. I mean what kind of a mother hears her daughter say I think I’m dying and does pick up the phone to call for help?????

I listened to the 911 tape and Sharon didn’t sound overly distraught. I thought it was odd how she kept calling Simon “honey” but hey that could just be me.

There is more to this story then meets the eyes.

Simon is a liar, he is a opportunist. There was a video I watched and the interviewer was trying to get Brittany’s attention. Brittany looked toward Simon and when she saw he was distracted she talked with the interviewer. Toward the end of the conversation she said they were coming up on (I think a year anniversary) then she did this little dance and said, “I love being married” totally not convincing.

It was clear she was not happy at all didn’t seem happy in her marriage.

She appeared to be walking on egg shells. You could see over time she was losing the sparkle in her eyes. That zest for life she had. The eyes are a window to the soul.

Personally I think Simon is a narcissistic, controlling leach.

He didn’t love Brittany. Love doesn’t stand by and enable the addict. He loved her money that is for certain.


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Uh Oh

Posted at 4:19 AM on March 1, 2010  

The amount, kind, etc, are interesting and possibly explained, but who had pneumonia? Where are the antibiotics?

The supposed “speed” drugs are in the over the counter cold medicines – they always show up as such. Cough syryp and cold medications will always test positive for speed.

Vicodin and Antidepressants – you couldn’t get out of bed, let alone take a shower.

And how long was this husband asleep before noticing she was taking a very long shower?

It was mentioned in the beginning that she was hypoglycemic – it’s possible she had either form of diabetes and didn’t know.

Whatever happened, she’s gone. The husband stands to profit and the mother, well, she doesn’t sound very responsible at all..green card marriage, pushy stage mother. It’s the oldest Hollywood story going.


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John Kaye

Posted at 10:00 PM on February 28, 2010  

The chick apparently wanted to get away from Simon otherwise she would have confronted him with leaving unless he is a complete bully. That’s what he sounds like !!!

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Posted at 9:03 PM on February 28, 2010  

I’m pretty sure I’ve never taken hydrocodone for a cold or menstrual cramps. Face it folks, the girl was abusing pills. May she rest in peace.

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Conjack the HUTT

Posted at 5:55 PM on February 28, 2010  

… STFU *ridiculous “peewire” TROLL*… She ‘WAS’ *drugging* HerSelf to ‘ABANDON’. They even found benzos not prescribed to Her in Her Blood…

Jennifer Watkins (author of the ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ book about cRapper *”Em”*) noted Britt’s use/abuse of Vicoprofen, Xanax and Valium during the filming of *that cRapper’s 2001 bioflick*. At at New Years Eve party “em” Detroit 2002, Britt was reported to have smoked a marijuana joint AND ‘WAS’ drinking alcohol ALONG WITH TAKING those aforem”Em”tioned three *medications*. Then later at the party Britt FAKED a siezure… but that’s besides the point…

She ‘WAS’ “Em”deed a *druggie* and likely Britt or Sharon were PHARMING to acquire Rx’s. and BTW… *SKUM-jack* (also likely *a druggie* as well) NEGLECTED Britt’s Health – *he* DID NOT TAKE Her to REHAB… nor did *he* EVEN TAKE Her to see a DOCTOR for Her ‘OTHER’ SERIOUS Health *issues* EITHER. So GET OVER *IT*.

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Posted at 1:21 PM on February 28, 2010  

i think it’s ridiculous that they are using this particular batch of drugs to portray her as a drug fiend, when two are typical drugs anyone would take if they had a common cold, another a commonly used drug for urinary irritation/infection. propranolol is very often used to help treat migraines and hydrocodone is a pain pill quite frequently used to treat acute migraines, so the assumption that she was taking these two drugs to treat migraine headaches would not be too far out. i work in a medical clinic and i would guess a full 50-75% of americans are now on some sort of antidepressant – just watch tv and tell me how many ads for “happy pills” you see – so i hardly think this is criminal.

but i guess it’s all in how they “spin” things. my guess too would be that more than one person was using the hydrocodone, because the truth of the matter is that if she had used that many herself, in that amount of time, she would have – unfortunately – died sooner than she actually did.

poor brittany, let her rest in peace…

piewire :o(

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Posted at 8:50 PM on March 26, 2010  

“because the truth of the matter is that if she had used that many herself, in that amount of time, she would have – unfortunately – died sooner than she actually did”.


EVER HEARD OF BUILDING UP A TOLERANCE? Clearly you don’t know jackshyte about addiction.

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Posted at 11:55 AM on February 28, 2010  

I smell something in this household, and its not a good smell its a stinky smell. I watched the interview with mom and the now fat headed fake living in la la land hubby. I think he is a paranoid skitz, I think the mother nad Brit were both living in a very controlled abusive home. Mom is still living with him???? What does that tell you! She was so terrified during the Larry King interview she could not speak without looking at the freak! They need to dig or she will end up the same way.

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Posted at 11:36 AM on February 28, 2010  

right but anyway the result is in her stomach????even 2 other people took the drugs……….mimi

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Posted at 5:16 AM on February 28, 2010  

OMG TMZ writer can NOT do simple math like subtraction. Hollywood culture slowly devolving to the pits and leading the rest of the USA with everyone else.

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Posted at 1:19 AM on February 28, 2010  

“there should have been 44 pills still in the bottle at the time of her death”

There should have been at least 76 left, if she was prescribed 120 and took 4 per day max for 11 days. 120 – 44 = 76

Learn basic math. No wonder the economy went to hell and no one noticed until it was too late.

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guest two

Posted at 8:08 PM on February 28, 2010  

“The coroner’s report on Brittany’s death says she should only have taken four per day (maximum), which means there should have only been 44 pills missing at the time of her death.”

missing,not left….learn to read before you tell people to learn to do basic math…and yes,i cut and pasted the above quote from the article

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Posted at 2:12 AM on March 1, 2010  

Your copy & pasting skills are matched only by my own. The article was corrected after my original comment was made.

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Posted at 12:25 AM on February 28, 2010  

“Cohen” interesting surname…hmmm??? Always “one” behind something awful.

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Posted at 7:43 PM on February 28, 2010  

Hey Ronaldo, you immigrant POS, why don’t you email me, I will make sure the JDL pays you a visit, and you will not have to worry about the JEWS ever again. Feel free to contact me, I’d love to find out where you are at..


Anytime there tough guy..

Mark Cohen- JDL member and Leader

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Posted at 11:29 PM on February 27, 2010  

Three people in the house, maybe Brittany was not the only one taken pain pill’s.

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Posted at 8:09 PM on February 27, 2010  

I think a more likely scenario has her husband and mother taking the pills also.

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