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Why Does Hayden Panettiere Only Date Older Guys?

Mon, January 4, 2010 9:00pm EDT by 2 Comments

Do you have a hard time saying no to older dudes because they’re just so mature and established? Well, so does Hayden!

Seriously Hayden, we’re starting to see a pattern here. When we spotted you poolside in Miami Jan. 3 with 33-year-old Wladimir Klitschko, we weren’t surprised. Why? Although you yourself aren’t even of legal drinking age at 20, you seem to only date guys that are ten years older!

Case in point: your last few boyfriends have all been over 30 (or very close to it).Your co-star (and boyfriend of over a year) Milo Ventimiglia, is now 32, as is Welsh TV presenter Steve Jones, and restaurateur Harry Morton is 28.

We know your dad, Alan Panettiere, is a real cad – he was arrested for domestic assault in 2008 – so do you have daddy issues? An expert weighs in.

“There’s a few factors going on. She has a rough history with her father, and sometimes that can make women seek out older men, sure,” psychologist Dr. Jenn Berman tells “But more importantly, this is a woman who’s earned millions of dollars, and if she were to date someone her age, she would be in the power position. To have an equal, she needs someone who’s more established.”

In fact, if Hayden dated another Hollywood 20-year-old, like Joe Jonas, for example, she’d be bored silly! Says Dr. Berman, “If she dated someone her age, she would have a REALLY tough time finding someone who’s her equal. She’s actually best suited to someone who’s a bit older.”

What’s your type? Have you ever dated a much older guy? Do you agree with Dr. Berman, and prefer older men to younger guys?”