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Would You Sacrifice for Fame and Fortune Like Beyonce Says She Has??

Mon, November 30, 2009 6:06pm EDT by Add first Comment
Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles


For Beyonce Knowles, the price of being a star is more costly than you can even imagine!

“I just sacrificed…life,” she tells UK’s Guardian, “[and] being able to walk down the street and being able to make mistakes and not have it recorded forever.”

Queen B’s wish list of leading a simple life goes on: “Being able to have regular relationships and dates…just regular, normal things that people probably don’t even think about. Sometimes it’s hard.”

It also doesn’t help that she’s married to another superstar, Jay-Z, but she knows that with the good always comes the bad.

“I was raised that anything that’s worth anything takes a lot of sacrifice,” she adds.

Case in point: a recent trip to Egypt where she visited the pyramids. “It was so spiritual and beautiful. But then I had the news cameras and the paparazzi that follow me and…it’s really odd sometimes.”

There are still some places where Jay-Z and Beyonce can have a little privacy — we know they often steal away to a little pizzeria in a South Brooklyn neighborhood where the paps and fans won’t bother them. (Of course, they still have their bodyguard in tow.)

We know having the spotlight on you 24/7 can be tough but we also can’t forget all of the opportunities and perks (and $$$) you get as an A-Lister!

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