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Maxx Morando: 5 Things to Know About the Drummer Dating Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus celebrated her Grammy wins by smooching her boyfriend of almost two years Maxx Morando. Get to know the drummer here!

Miley Cyrus has always marched to the beat of a different drum, and now, she found the perfect accompaniment. As the “Flowers” singer won her first two Grammys on Sunday, February 4, 2024, Miley celebrated by smooching her boyfriend Maxx Morando in the audience at the award show. The Bangerz singer looked over the moon while riding high from her win and kissing her beau. While their Grammy moment was sweet, the pair have been linked for about two years!

Miley and Maxx were first romantically linked in July 2022 when they were spotted hanging out in Nashville, Tennessee, per Daily Mail. The two attended a Gucci fashion show together in November of that year, furthering speculation that their love was real. The pair kept on stirring up romance rumors ahead of Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party at the end of 2022. The “Midnight Sky” singer got in some calisthenics while on the balcony of her Miami hotel room, stretching her leg while in a black romper. After Miley got a bit limber with some stretches, she posed with her backside out towards the window, apparently giving Maxx a show. The two embraced and shared a sweet kiss. Following their Grammy moment, get to know more about Maxx.

Maxx Morando Is a Drummer

“I’m Maxx Morando,” a then-18-year-old Maxx wrote for Modern Drummer in 2016. The musician said he had been “playing drums since I was eight and joined the School of Rock in Hollywood. I met some of my bandmates there, three of whom are Sage, Genessa, and Lydia of the Regrettes. My main influences are Phil Collins, Keith Moon, and Jack Bevan.”

Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Gucci

He Was a Member of The Regrettes

As Maxx said, he was the drummer for The Regrettes, having met Lydia Night, Sage Chavis, and Genessa Gariano while at music school. The group released their debut EP, Hey!, in 2015, and followed it up with their debut album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, in 2017.

“We’re excited that the incredible Mike Elizondo produced our record,” he told Modern Drummer. “The recording process was extremely fun and taught me so much. We recorded live, straight to tape, all in the same room, all at the same time. I was super focused on getting the best take every time as I couldn’t go back and re-do little parts. But because of this, I would focus too much and start to stiffen up and not play the way I wanted. After we did a few songs, I started to loosen up, and just played how I’d play live. It taught me to just play drums like I usually would, comfortably. It brought out some really great takes.”

Maxx left the group in 2018, after the release of their Attention Seeker EP.

Maxx Plays in the Band Liily

While with the Regrettes, Maxx teamed with singer Dylan Nash, guitarist Sam De La Torre, and bassist Charlie Anastasis to form Liily. “We all knew each other and ran in the same circle of friends,” he told Soundazed. “Some of us went to school together, and some of us have known each other since we were around seven.” The group released their debut single, “Toro,” in late 2018.

Described as a “riffy, aggressive alt-rock combo from Los Angeles,” Liily continued to build a buzz over the following years. They released their debut album, TV or Not TV, in 2021.

He Is an Artist/Designer

In September 2021, Maxx shared one of Miley’s posts to his Instagram Story (and he made it one of his profile’s Highlights.) “Collabed with @shane_kastl to make this look!” Maxx captioned the Story. The look in question was a colorful hodgepodge. Miley wore white short-shorts and a jacket that had different colored sleeves. Both pieces of her outfit were covered in vibrant painted designs.

He Has a Peanut Allergy

While speaking with the publication We Will Punk You!, the interviewer brought up how Max had a recent allergy attack. “I have a peanut allergy. So yeah, I flared up. And that’s why I’m eating cornflakes right now,” he said. “Anyway. I’m just complaining. It’s not even worth it. I’m sorry, enough about me… I’m Maxx.”

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