Meet The Dutton Family

From 1883 to today, here is the family the world has fallen in love with from ‘Yellowstone’.

Time To Meet The Duttons

played by Tim McCraw and Faith Hill in ‘1883’. These are the Great-Grandparents of present-day John Dutton. They have 3 kids, including John Dutton, the First.

The story begins with James and Margaret Dutton, 

played by Dabney Colemen, is seen briefly in the season 2 finale of ‘Yellowstone’.

John Dutton II,

John Dutton III played by Kevin Coster is the family patriarch. His wife Evelyn tragically died in a riding accident.

In the present day ‘Yellowstone’,

Lee, Beth, and Kayce. Lee, played by Dave Annable, was killed in season 1.

They had 3 kids

played by Kelly Reilly, is married to longtime love Rip Wheeler.

Beth Dutton,

played by Luke Grimes, is married to Monica Long and they have one son, Tate.

Kayce Dutton,

played by Wes Bentley, is John’s adopted son. He’s also married with a son.

Jamie Dutton, 

Meet The Full Cast of ‘Yellowstone’

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