The Queen's Ball:


NYC Review


The time has come, for all those who love Bridgerton – and live in the NYC area – to live out your Regency era fantasies.


Debuted in Manhattan on April 27th, and we got a sneak peek at what you can expect.

The Queen's Ball:

The immersive experience begins as soon as you walk through the flower promenade, leading you to the Queen’s Palace.

You’re handed a copy of Lady Whistledown’s Society Paper – and from here, the evening is what you make of it!

There is plenty for you to do if you’re not a shy wallflower. Gentlemen and ladies will talk to you and even invite you out onto the dance floor to teach you the moves of the ton.

There are marvelous group dances, led by skilled musicians who play pop hits with a twist!

One lucky someone will even catch the eye of the queen and be crowned the diamond – but only if they stand out.

But those who are more on the shy side can still enjoy the evening. You can have your portrait painted just like the Duke and Duchess.

You can shop exclusive merchandise only to be found at the Bridgerton Experience.

But everyone gets to enjoy the special floor show performed each night by special members of the ton!

Tickets are on sale now through Fever, and while admission includes everything here, note that drinks are an additional fee (but treat yourself to the Lady Bridgerton. Delicious!)

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Photos and Videos Courtesy of Shutterstock, Everett Collection and Dina Sartore-Bodo for Hollywood Life.