Fun Facts About The Pixar Film

It’s one of Pixar’s biggest splashes at the cinema! Luca captured audiences right away with it’s vibrant colors and hilarious storytelling. Here are some BTS tidbits you might like to know!

As the movie was made almost entirely during the pandemic, most of the movie's dialogue was recorded inside closets during lockdown.

Mystique from X-Men, played most recently by Jennifer Lawrence, was a reference for the transformation from sea creature to human and back.

All the background kid voices in the film are local children from Italy.

Jacob Tremblay, who voices Luca, is such a huge Star Wars fan, his dog’s name is ‘Rey’

Emma Berman, who gave Giulia her voice, will also be voice acting in Disney’s upcoming live action  Pinocchio, with Tom Hanks

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Photos Courtesy of Disney/Pixar, Everett Collection and Envato Elements.