How To Make

It’s the refreshing, summer recipe that’s taking over TikTok, and it’s so easy to make! Here’s how to make Whipped Lemonade!

First, you'll need some lemonade.  Just like with Whipped Coffee, you’ll need powder mix from the store.  If you’re looking to go low-carb, try Zero Sugar Country Time Lemonade, as recommended by Atkins.

Next, you’ll need 1/4 cup Heavy Cream, liquid. (See, still low carb!)

In a chilled medium flat bottom bowl, use an electric hand mixer to whip cold cream and one lemonade packet together to stiff peaks.

Now, grab a glass and fill with water and ½ cup of ice.

Top with the whipped lemonade and stir or shake to mix.

Easy as that – and just so delicious!

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