How  To Make

Hell's Kitchen Chef Ariel Fox, winner of the 18th season of his show with Gordon Ramsay, is here to share her take on enchiladas.

You can do it with any fillings you like, but Arie’s signature dish uses steak and shrimp! Yum!

First, dip tortillas in warm oil — make sure it’s warm, not cold!

Next, we’ll start filling the tortilla with cheese, steak, and shrimp.

Once you have the tortillas rolled up, line a cast iron dish with refried black beans, and place inside.

 Time to sauce it up! Use whatever enchilada sauce you like – or mix and match!

Top it off with some cheese and get it into a 400-degree oven!

Top it off with more cheese, onions — really anything you like!

Voila! Delicious, right?