When cheating happens in a relationship, it could be a lot to overcome.

Relationship expert April Masini is here to answer questions on how a couple can recover and stay together when one of them is unfaithful. 

“Chances are the cheater acted out because they’re mad, and when this happens over a long term, it affects the relationship and partners tend to look elsewhere to feel like heroes & to feel valuable.”

Why Did They Cheat?

“Cheating does not have to mean the end of a relationship. It does not happen in a vacuum.”

Is Cheating a Dealbreaker? 

A better question is this, “Is there an unaddressed stressor in the relationship that is causing your partner to seek attention elsewhere?”

Was It My Fault They Cheated?

“If you both want to work the relationship, do it with both feet in. This is hard, but it’s crucial.”

Can a Relationship Last After Cheating? 

“If you can’t get past a betrayal, then you need to move on.”

What If I Can’t Forgive the Cheating?