Everything You Want To Know About Marvel’s Biggest Epic Adeventure


‘The Eternals’ brought together a group of the universe’s mightiest heroes, but it also set the stage for the next chapter of Marvel movies. 

With plenty of twists and turns, let’s break down the biggest spoilers.

Yes, jump right to the end credits scene and you’ll see the biggest mic drop of the movie. Harry Styles joining the MCU as the last big bad’s baby bro.

Thanos’ Brother Eros Appears To Help The Eternals:

Again, we’re jumping to the end credits, but Sersi’s human flame played by Kit Harrington is in possession of the famous weapon of the Black Knight. Could he be our guy?

Dane Whitman Is In Possession Of The Ebony Blade:

 It sucks to get Salma Hayek into the MCU only for her to immediately be taken from us, but her death by the hands of her right hand man was a twist no one saw coming.

Ikaris Leads Ajak To Her Death By The Deviants:

Poor Sersi had to watch her one true love betray their entire family in the name of a cause she could not stand behind: the destruction of Earth!

Ikaris Betrays Eternals & Wants The Emergence To Happen:

This one was tough to watch, even if it does mean Angelina Jolie can return in more Marvel movies. Justice for Don Lee!

Gilgamesh Dies Saving Thena:

 Unable to face Sersi & his family after his betrayal , he flies directly into the sun, fulfilling the myth Sprite created about him. Speaking of which...

Ikaris Dies After Flying Into The Sun:

 With the help of Sersi, Sprite can finally age after she becomes mortal. (Now she can show up in later Marvel movies as well without issue!)

Sprite Becomes Human At The End:

Now that you’re all caught up, want to know what happened in Wandavision next?

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