Things You Didn’t Know About Smash Disney Film

We may not talk about Bruno, but we can’t stop talking about how great ‘Encanto’ is! 

Did you know these fun facts about the movie?

Forget Waldo, see if you can spot Bruno lurking in the shadows of the promo!

Bruno is Hidden in All of the Film's Movie Posters

No, your fave Pixar robot isn’t in the film, but the iconic brown boot with a plant inside of it sits on a shelf in Bruno’s room!

A WALL.E Cameo

Also, in Bruno’s den?  A picture of what appears to be Sorcerer Mickey!

A Nod To Fantasia Too

Secret tributes to her family, that is!  Look closely and you’ll see animals for Antonio, flowers for Isabela, a sun for Pepa, and more!

Mirabel's Skirt Is Full of Secrets

She’s the first female Disney lead to ever wear them!

Mirabel’s Glasses Are Also Special

Yes, In the finale song, Bruno does sing a line from ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, in the same melody and everything!

Bruno Knows Elsa? 

Now, Meet The Stars Behind Your Favorite Characters In Encanto!

Images courtesy of The Everett Collection.