How to Navigate An Age Gap

Love knows no age, so if you find yourself attracted to someone younger than you, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Brian Jory, Ph.D., author of Cupid on Trial, lays out the best advice for making the romance work. 

Don’t discuss your ages! Why does it matter? Be who you are, and never get into worrying about age.

Don’t allow others to talk about your age-disparities. It’s a non-topic. Pointless

Narrow-minded people can be insensitive. Be prepared to let others know that age-discrimination (even when it’s not intentionally hurtful) is off-limits.

Make sure you find friends who respect you and your relationship.

Accept your partner for who he or she is. No age jokes like “act your age” or “Come on, old man.”

Do not attribute personal preferences to age. If you like 90’s music, you like 90’s music — a person can like 90’s music whatever age they are.