Packing List

Everything You Need With You At The Music Festival

It’s everyone’s favorite festival and in order to enjoy Coachella properly, there are a few things you should make sure are with you as you rock out!


You are going to be partying in the dessert from dawn to dusk. Give your eyes a break and look good while doing it!


Same note! You’re going to be in the hot sun all day and the last thing you want is a nasty burn!

Water Bottle

A dependable, refillable container is going to be your best friend so you don’t dehydrate while you rock out!

Lip Balm

In the hot sun, lipstick will melt right off your face! Keep the puckers hydrated too and save the color for the evening events.


This is not time for stilettos and you’ll thank us when you flip flops fail you in hour 3.

A Hat

 It can make a statement, while also providing you some much needed shade!

A Bag

Not backpacks, no totes; opt for something small to carry the essentials – and make it a cross-body, free your arms up for dancing!

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Photos Courtesy of Adobe.