To Do At Home 

Eva Longoria's trainer,  Grant Roberts, has some great ideas for moves to do at home, without one piece of equipment.

Follow these moves and you’ll get a great workout in no time flat!

STATIC LUNGE  12-15 reps on each side -- an all-around great leg exercise that gets every bit of your legs and glutes. 

PLIE SQUAT 12 -15 reps -- For the inner thigh, balance yourself on a chair in case you do too deep.

SINGLE-LEG ROMANIAN DEADLIFT  10-12 reps on each side – Good  for training your hamstrings and  glute muscles.

TRICEPS DIPS 10-15 reps   -- Again, good to grab a chair for this move, as we hit your triceps.  

TRICEPS- KICK-BACKS  Grab a water bottle or anything in the house that’s between 3 to 5 pounds to act as weights.