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‘The Raw Word’: Angela Stanton Reveals Being Handcuffed While Giving Birth Was ‘Humiliating’

Angela Stanton

Reality TV star and author Angela Stanton opens up in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘The Raw Word’ about giving birth in jail and reveals she was handcuffed while in labor. Watch now!

Angela Stanton reveals on The Raw Word that she was four months pregnant with her daughter when she was arrested. “I ended up giving birth to my daughter handcuffed to a bed,” she says. “Literally handcuffed to a bed. One hand handcuffed to the bed. There was a sheriff there that I never saw before in my life. He just stood there and didn’t turn away not one time. It was a really humiliating experience, and I think it was meant to be.”

Angela admits she only got to spend 24 hours with her newborn daughter after she gave birth. She also says she barely had any contact with her daughter while she was in prison. “I saw her one time and she was 6 months old,” Angela continues. “One of my family members brought her to see me, and then I didn’t see her again until I came home, and it was horrible because she didn’t know who I was. She wouldn’t let me touch her. She wouldn’t let me hold her. She screamed at the top of her lungs. It was just a really, really hard process for me and all of my children to go through.” The BET reality star and Lies of a Real Housewife author was released from prison in 2005. Her daughter is 13 years old now.

Check for more information about the show and local listings. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson hosts the daily talk show, which recently launched a four week test run on select Sinclair affiliates, alongside co-hosts Claudia Jordan, psychologist Dr. Dan Ratner, and executive producer Ice-T will guest host a number of episodes.

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