Kurt Cobain / 1967-1994 

Died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound in 1994

Amy Winehouse/ 1983-2011 

Died of alcohol poisoning.

Jimi Hendrix / 1942-1970

Died of asphyxia while intoxicated.

Jim Morrison / 1943-1971

Was found dead in his bathtub.

Anton Yelchin / 1989-2016

Tragically died in a freak car accident.

Janis Joplin / 1943-1970 

Died of a heroin overdose.

Jonathan Brandis / 1976-2003

Died by suicide. 

Brian Jones / 1942-1969

Found dead at the bottom of his pool.

Rest in Peace  to These Incredible Artists

Images courtesy of The Everett Collection, The Mega Agency  & Penske Media