They may play the world’s mightiest heroes, but to some kids, these Marvel actors are simply Mom and Dad!

Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man  on-screen, but off, he’s Dad to sons Indio and Exton, and daughter Avri.

Best things come in 3’s, which is why Thor himself Chris Hemsworth also has 3 kids: Tristan and daughters India and Sascha.

Mark Ruffalo also has 3 kids to look after when he’s not the Hulk: daughters Bella and Odette, and son Keen.

The Black Widow is also a super mom! Scarlett Johansson as two kids, Rose and Cosmo.

Hail Gamora, because Zoe Saldana is the guardian to 3 little ones in this galaxy: twin sons Cy and Bowi and Zen.

Cobie Smulders get things done as Agent Hills and as a mom to two great daughters Janita and Shaelyn. 

Paul Rudd plays Ant-Man, but his family isn’t small; he’s got two kids, Darby and Jack.

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