For decades, millions have tuned in on Thanksgiving to watch Macy’s annual parade. Take a look back at its humble start.

The parade started in 1924, but back then it was called the Christmas Parade. 

In 1927, Macy’s debuted the first giant balloon, with Felix the Cat.

And they've just gotten bigger and better through the years! Just take a look at Mickey Mouse!

Fan favorite Kermit The Frog debuted in 1977, and is still flying high decades later.

Tom Turkey is the oldest and most famous float in the parade. He first appeared in the 70s and has been leading the festivities ever since. 

In 1946, Edmund Gwenn filmed scenes as Santa Claus for 'Miracle on 34th Street' during the parade. He won an Oscar for the role. 

Today, big movie, music, and TV stars enjoy the honor of being in the parade.