Everything You Need To Know

On July 15, 2021, Harry Potter New York debuted two, one-of-a-kind virtual reality experiences that can only be enjoyed at the NYC store.

Wizarding fans will have the opportunity to fly a broom like Harry and his friends over Hogwarts, as well as embark on a thrilling adventure through the school halls in these two interactive, virtual reality experiences.

Here’s what you can expect from each adventure, plus some secrets to look out for!

First, on ‘Wizards Take Flight’, prepare to mount a broom and explore the lush landscape of Hogwarts Castle, before helping a famous friend battle Death Eaters over London.  

PRO TIP: Make sure to check out all the magical Easter eggs as you ‘gear up’ for your adventure in the Quidditch locker room! 

Next, you’re off to King’s Cross station to experience ‘Chaos at Hogwarts,’ a truly immersive experience that will allow guests to join Dobby on an adventure through the castle.

But beware! Though you’re on a magical quest, take ample time to take in your surroundings as you ride the moving staircases and travel underneath the castle. There are tons of Easter eggs to spot!

Also, SPOILER ALERT!  The experience as two different endings, so make sure your wand work is on point!

The “Chaos at Hogwarts” and “Wizards Take Flight” VR experiences can only be experienced at Harry Potter New York with reservations.

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