Rachel Green’s Boyfriends

Over 10 seasons, Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel on 'Friends' had many, many suitors. But these are the top guys we’ll remember her with!


(Cosimo Fusco) 

Her Italian lover!


(Ben Stiller) 

Mind his temper!


(Eddie Cahill) 

Proof dating your assistant can work!

Joey Tribbiani

(Matt LeBlanc) 

You either loved them or you hated them. I’M FINE!


(Tate Donovan) 

FYI, they dated in real life too!

Barry Farber

(Mitchell Witfield) 

The one that got away – thankfully!

Paul Stevens

(Bruce Willis) 

Those are great episodes!

Ross Gellar

(David Schwimmer

He’s her lobster, after all!