Easy Halloween Costumes 

You Can Make From Your Closet


Halloween does not need to be stressful – or expensive. Skip a trip to the store, because the perfect costume is probably waiting for you right in your closet!

She’s having a comeback, so should you. Wear what feels good, it’s all about the cateye makeup anyway!



Red lipstick, red bandana, and girl power. That’s all you need!

Rosie The Riveter


You definitely have a pink tank and some shorts in your closet. Find yourself a watermelon and you’re all set!

Baby from  ‘Dirty Dancing’


Recycle a blue dress, tie an apron around your waist, and grab your fave book. Done and done.

Belle from  'Beauty & The Beast'


Long shirt, a hair brush to sing into, and some high socks. Who doesn’t have that hanging in the closet?

Tom Cruise In  ‘Risky Business’


Do what feels right, but end of movie Sandy in the leather pants is definitely a sexy look!

Olivia Newton John in ‘Grease’


Want More Ideas?  Ladies, We’re Here To Help!