How To Make Fancy Arrangements For Your Boards

A charcuterie or cheese board is all about presentation and with the help from our friends at Wisconsin Cheese, we have step-by-step tips to create beautiful cheese flowers that your guests will love!

First, you’ll need to buy some ‘young’ cheese, something that is flexible, like Cheddar, Fontina, Gouda, Havarti Or Mozzarella.

Once you have your cheese, make sure it’s sliced thin, before cutting out a circle with either a cookie cutter or glass.

Place a cheese round on a cutting board; fold in half. Add another folded slice, followed by three unfolded slices.

Roll a separate cheese round tightly to form a “stem”.

Now, comes the fun part!  Place that “stem” on the left edge of the first folded slice. Working left to right, begin rolling slices around stem.

Once you’ve rolled over all the “petals”, pull them away from the center gently to open the flower up!

And voila! Instant, easy, cheese rose!

Here Are Some More Tips To Make The Perfect Cheese Board!

Images courtesy of Courtesy of Wisconsin Cheese, Adobe and Shutterstock.