Whether they lit up the big screen or dominated in the streaming wars, these actors made their mark in 2021 with projects that made people cry, laugh, sing, feel, and beyond!

The Williams sisters signed off on him playing their supportive father in ‘King Richard’ and now he has a chance at another Oscar!

Will Smith

Her role as Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’ has serious Oscar buzz, and she’s so damn humble about it, you’re ready just to give her the award right now.

Kristen  Stewart

Watch 10 minutes of ‘Tick, Tick...Boom’ and then tell me this guy isn’t the most versatile performer of his generation.

Andrew Garfield

Name me another actress who killed it in 3 massively original and entertaining TV shows all on at the same time. I’ll wait.

Hailee Steinfeld

The ‘House of Gucci’ might as well be renamed ‘The House of Gaga’. Don’t lie, we all came to see her!

Lady Gaga

He did his father, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, proud in his film, ‘Licorice Pizza’.

Cooper Hoffman

When Rita Moreno gives you the stamp of approval to play the role that made her famous, you deserve to be acknowledged.

Ariana DeBose

She was a genius in ‘Aretha’ and next, she brings her pipes to the movie adaptation of ‘Wicked’. Talk about defying gravity!

Cynthia Erivo

No one can hold a candle to the talent of the cast of ‘Pose’, led by this effervescent talent.

Billy Porter

Watch ‘Mare Of Easttown’.  That’s it – enough said!

Kate Winslet

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