7 Knot Headbands You Can Shop To Style Your Hair Like Sarah Hyland

Knotted headbands are the perfect solution to give your outfit extra oomph -- even if you're heading out to exercise, like Sarah Hyland! Check out these pieces, which prove that headbands aren't just for the posh cast of 'Gossip Girl.'

Sarah Hyland
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Blair Waldorf made headbands a must-have for preppy closets, but stars like Sarah Hyland prove the accessory isn’t just for the socialites of the Upper East Side. They’re a versatile accessory, and can be a fun addition to a bohemian or dainty wardrobe — just like the Modern Family star’s. This is especially the case with knotted headbands, such as one the actress wore while heading out to a dance studio (as seen below).

Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland keeps her curls in place with a gold knotted headband while heading out to a dance class. (MEGA)

Sarah often throws on a headband to complete her outfits! She also wore an olive green piece for a pilates session, and kept her hair neatly tucked back with a thick red headband while running errands in Los Angeles. While those particular headbands weren’t knotted, it just goes to show how versatile these accessories really are — and how much fun you can have with them!

Other stars who have given the knotted headband trend a unique twist throughout 2020 are Halsey, who transported us back to the ’50s with a retro-inspired headband, and Jessica Simpson, who pushed back her hair for a face mask night with the help of a patterned headband. There’s many variations of the knotted headband style! We’ve focused on three main styles — the top knot headband, twist knot headband and turban knot headband — for a shopping guide of headbands that are just the right amount of sweet, boho and classy (like Sarah’s headpiece). You can check out where to buy them below — best of all, most of them are under $25:

1. Evankin Velvet Wide Headband

For an alternative of Ms. Hyland’s headband above, check out Evankin’s Velvet Wide Headband Turban Knot Headband. Just like the ABC star’s accessory, this headband is a gorgeous gold color and twists into a subtle knot at the top. It’s also on the thinner side, meaning the headband won’t overwhelm your outfit (Sarah never tries too hard with her bohemian yet laid-back streetwear). The velvet material also gives you great flexibility with outfits. You can dress up your sweats with this headband, while still being able to wear it with a dainty summer dress. $8.99, amazon.com.

Knot Headband

2. ZIMASILK 22Momme Pure Mulberry Silk Headband

If comfort is your No. 1 priority, here’s a step up from the standard silk headband. ZIMASILK’s headbands are made from “101% pure mulberry silk.” As you’ve probably heard, silk pillowcases are often recommended for people serious about protecting the integrity of their hair, and the same advice applies to silk headbands! ZIMASILK’s headband comes in nine different colors, but we couldn’t resist this particular shade. The combination of baby blue and silk will give you soft girl vibes multiplied by 100! Rather than a top knot, this headband features a flat twist style, ideal if you’re more concerned with keeping as many hairs in place as possible. $22.99, amazon.com

Knot Headband

3.SIQUK Cloth Cross Knot Headbands

If you’re not exactly the Posh Spice of your friend group, but wouldn’t label your style as bohemian, this headband is for you. These cloth cross knot headbands from SIQUK are a good balance between classy and cozy, perfect for a study date or a catch-up session with a friend over Zoom. This pack comes with 12 colors, featuring studious shades like a neutral beige and gray, to more standout hues like lavender and teal! These headbands are even perfect for a workout class. Just choose one of the colors and match it with a monochrome workout set made of a similar ribbed material, for head-to-toe synchronization! $16.99, amazon.com.

Knotted Headbands

4. J.Crew Turban knot headband with frayed edge

If you’re looking for something less streamlined and more rustic-chic, this turban knot headband is it. The weaved fabric and frayed edges fulfill that summer cottagecore fantasy, and will perfectly complement any photo taken during a getaway to the countryside. The headband comes in two colors, but we recommend buying the “oatmeal” option for that true “Little Women but make it chic” vibe. $23.99, jcrew.com.

Knot Headband

5. Huachi Wide Head Wraps

For something that sits flatter on the head, consider Huachi’s wide head wrap. While it still features that stylish knot, this head wrap draws less attention to the forehead (if that’s an area of concern). It is also more ideal for sweat-inducing activities like yoga, dancing or hiking! You also won’t have to worry about the pinching sensation one can feel after wearing a headband for a little too long, since the head wrap is entirely elastic. This means it can easily be thrown into the washer and dryer as well!  $15.99, amazon.com

Knot Headband

6. SLIP Silk Knot Headband

Mixing prints with knotted headbands can be a dangerous game. The knot already makes a statement, and you don’t want too much going on at the top of your head. This is why we love this pink leopard print, which blends seamlessly with the knotted style! It’s also the sassiest headband on this list, if that’s the vibe you’re going for. Rest assured, the bold print was made with “non-toxic dyes.” As an added bonus, this piece is made of the “highest grade” of long fiber mulberry silk. $52, amazon.com

Knot Headband

7. Makone Pearl Headbands

We know, we know — this article is about breaking the stereotype of headbands being solely a staple for preppy fashionistas. However, we couldn’t resist adding this pearl headband! The pearls instantly give any outfit a posh boost without trying too hard (by, say, wearing head-to-toe Vineyard Vines). This deal gives you not one but six headbands in six different colors: royal red, steel gray, blush pink, champagne, navy blue, and forest green. The headbands are 100 percent handmade of velvet fabric for an added luxurious touch, combined with an elastic-plastic material that won’t give you a headache. $14.99, amazon.com.

Pearl Headbands

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