Zach Shallcross: 5 Things To Know About Star Of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 27

After a heartbreaking split from Rachel Recchia on 'The Bachelorette,' Zach Shallcross is back to find love on season 27 of 'The Bachelor.' Get to know him here.

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  • Zach is the star of season 27 of ‘The Bachelor,’ which premieres on Jan. 23.
  • He was previously on season 19 of ‘The Bachelorette,’ where he dated Rachel Recchia before their fantasy suites split.
  • Zach’s uncle is Patrick Warburton, who starred on ‘Seinfeld.’

A new season of The Bachelor is about to begin! Season 27 will feature Zach Shallcross in his journey to find love. Zach will start off by meeting 30 women in hopes that one of them will be the lady he wants to spend the rest of his life with.”[Zach’s] parents, who have been married over 30 years, have shown him what true love looks like,” Zach’s ABC bio reveals. “He strives to find a love that echoes the standard they have set for him and plans to keep them in mind when looking for a life partner.”

zach shallcross
Zach for season 27 of ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

Zach made his intentions about settling down very clear when he was on season 19 of The Bachelorette. Now, he’ll get to be in the driver’s seat, and is hopeful that a woman will have the same standards. Learn more about Zach below:

What Happened To Zach on ‘The Bachelorette’?

Zach was on season 19 of The Bachelorette, where he dated Rachel Recchia. Zach chose to pursue Rachel when he accepted her rose during week three. The two formed a deep connection, but things fell apart for them during the fantasy suite, when Zach was one of just three men left. When the cameras were off, Zach and Rachel didn’t connect like he’d hoped.

“We’re having the important conversation about religion and politics and all that stuff and Rachel brought up her fear that maybe I’m not ready for a commitment of marriage at this early of an age,” Zach explained the next morning. “I’m like, don’t worry about that, I’m here for you. But she got really adamant. I’m like…are you making me second guess? It was a surprise. It was like we were two strangers.” Zach accused Rachel of “putting on a front” with her accusations and said that they “came out of nowhere” for him.

Zach said he felt like Rachel was being “inauthentic” with him in the fantasy suite and admitted that he felt “blindsided” by her questioning him. Ahead of the final three rose ceremony, Zach pulled Rachel aside to tell her how he was feeling. He told her it was time for him to go, and things ended a bit awkwardly.

However, a few months later, the two reunited at After the Final rose and appeared to be on good terms. Zach and Rachel both apologized to each other, and she explained that she was just trying to get clarity from him in the fantasy suite. “I wanted to see if we could get there,” she revealed. ‘Ultimately, I couldn’t, but I never wanted you to feel like I was going to put you through something like that if I wasn’t trying to see if we could come out on the other side.”

What Does Zach Do?

Before appeared on The Bachelorette, Zach worked as a technology sales executive at Oracle in Texas. “My role consists of strategically helping businesses in Houston enhance, extend and leverage their current software, platform, and infrastructure while educating them on what Oracle’s portfolio has to offer,” his LinkedIn says. He’s been with the company since Aug. 2019, starting as a consultant and working his way up to a Senior Account Executive.

zach shallcross
Zach on night one of ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

Where Did Zach Go To College?

Zach attended California Polytechnic State University. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing in 2019.

Zach Played College Football

In addition to studying at Cal Poly, Zach was on the school’s Division I football team for five years. He started as a Red Shirt in 2014 before debuting on the team during the 2015 season, where he played six games. Zach primarily played Right Tackle on the offensive line.

Who Is Zach’s Uncle?

Zach’s uncle is Patrick Warburton, who played David Puddy on Seinfeld. He also has a number of other acting credits. Patrick was one of the family members at Zach’s hometown date, on The Bachelorette, and fans were shocked when they recognized him as the actor. Patrick is Zach’s mom’s brother.