Will Breman: 5 Things To Know About The Energetic Performer On ‘The Voice’

John Legend is helping to groom his team member, Will Breman, to win season 17 of 'The Voice,' and viewers have quickly fallen in love with the energetic 25-year-old!

Will Breman is not only a talented singer, but he inspires everyone with his performances every single week on The Voice. Will’s positive attitude, mixed with his hard work ethic and undeniable talent, have helped him emerge as one of the most beloved singers in the competition. Will got Gwen Stefani and John Legend to turn their chairs during his blind audition performance on The Voice, and he proudly chose John as his coach. Since then, John has helped Will advance through the competition, and he’s advanced all the way to the top 11. Here’s more to know:

1. He’s on the Autism spectrum. Throughout his entire time on The Voice, Will has been open about his Asperger’s diagnosis. He has said that he wants to prove to other people with Asperger’s and Autism that they are more than capable of achieving their dreams, just like he has! Will’s parents actually got him into music after his Asperger’s diagnosis, as they felt it would be helpful with his development. Through the years, he also taught himself how to play guitar. Clearly, it’s all paying off now!

2. He’s a college graduate. Will attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California from 2011-2015. He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business when he graduated.

3. He works as a full-time musician. Since graduating college, Will has worked as a one-man-band musician. He uses a ‘live loop’ technique to create his live shows. WIll has played events and coffee shops, given lessons and more in the Santa Barbara area.

4. He’s already released music of his own. Will already has music on various streaming platforms, including an EP (Santa Barbara Soul Music), which came out in March of 2019.

5. He’s a dual citizen. Will’s family is from Manitoba in Canada, and he has family across the entire country!

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