Sophie Clarke: 5 Things To Know About The Strategic ‘Survivor’ Player

With an immunity idol in her pocket and a strong alliance, Sophie Clarke is quickly emerging as a major threat on 'Survivor: Winners At War.'

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Sophie Clarke found herself in a tough position after the tribe swap on the March 11 episode of Survivor: Winners At War: She and Sarah Lacina were down in numbers after they ended up with three former Sele tribe members (Ben Driebergen, Rob Mariano and Adam Klein) on their new beach. However, they teamed up with Ben and Adam to vote Rob out, leveling the playing field. Now, Sophie and Sarah have strengthened their bond. Plus, Sophie found a hidden immunity idol, while Sarah purchased a Steal A Vote advantage for one fire token, so the ladies are in a good position. Here’s more to know about Sophie as the game continues:

1. When did she originally play ‘Survivor’? Sophie was the winner of Survivor: South Pacific, which was the show’s 23rd season in 2011. She quickly formed an alliance with five of her tribemates, including returning player Benjamin “Coach” Wade, on the first night. At the merge, Sophie’s alliance got a member of the other tribe, John Cochran, to flip to their side, so they would have the majority. They picked off the members of the other alliance one by one. The only remaining threat was Ozzy Lusth, who returned to the game from redemption island at the final five. Sophie and her group were able to vote Ozzy out at the final four, and she earned a spot at the final tribal council. She received six votes, Coach received three, and Albert Destrade received zero.

2. She’s a medical school graduate. Sophie attended Middlebury College, where she was a double major in Russian and Economics. She had just graduated the first time she played Survivor. Afterward, she attended Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University, and she finished in 2017.

3. She’s a management consultant. Sophie currently works at a management consultant firm called McKinsey & Company. She started as a Senior Associate in 2017, and is now an Engagement Manager.

4. She’s fluent in Russian. Due to her college major in Russian, Sophie is fluent in the language. She also studied Russian Language and Literature at the Russian University of Humanities from 2013-2014.

5. She’s married. Sophie married Robert Shady in August 2019.

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