Sasha Hurtado: 5 Things To Know About The Sensational 18-Year-Old Singer On ‘The Voice’

Sasha Hurtado will be hitting the stage for the latest round of Knockouts on November 7. Get to know this rising singer with an amazing voice.

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  • Sasha is a member of Team Gwen.
  • Sasha’s released her own original music.
  • Sasha started performing at 14.

Sasha Hurtado is one of the best teen contestants of The Voice season 22. She’ll be facing off against Alyssa Witrado and Dayshia during the Knockouts on November 7. The 18-year-old performs an incredible rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain.”

Who is Sasha Hurtado? She has a gorgeous, unique voice that sets her apart from the rest of the competition. From her history on The Voice season 22 to her original music, here’s what you need to know about Sasha.

Sasha Hurtado
Sasha Hurtado performing on ‘The Voice.’ (NBC)

1. Sasha was stolen by Gwen Stefani.

Sasha performed the Bishop Briggs hit “River” for her Blind Audition. Camila Cabello and John Legend turned their red chairs for Sasha. Sasha chose Camila as her coach. The singer went head-to-head with Devix in the Battles, and Camila ended up keeping Devix on her team. Gwen Stefani quickly used her only steal in the Battles to nab Sasha. Gwen said that Sasha’s performance was “too good,” and Sasha just needed a little “love” to push her in the “right direction.”

2. Sasha gets praise from John Legend and Blake Shelton during the Knockouts.

After the 3-way Knockout between Sasha, Alyssa, and Dayshia, John and Blake Shelton both told Gwen that she should pick Sasha as the winner. “Sasha, every note you hit was flawless,” John said. “I loved your vibrato. Vocally it was just a tour de force. Though, decision-wise for Gwen, I think it’s tough. But I think as a vocalist, I think Sasha was my favorite.” Blake added that he would “be going with Sasha right now.”

3. Sasha is from Georgia.

Sasha was born and raised in Dallas, Georgia. She comes from a multicultural military family. Her father is Mexican and her mother is from Florida, according to Sasha’s NBC bio. Sasha’s mom was the daughter of a Navy vet.

4. Sasha’s released original music.

Sasha has already dropped two singles. Her original songs are titled “First” and “Mr. No Good Guy.” On her official website, Sasha wrote that she “draws inspiration from a range of soulful, pop-filled, and indie artists that have helped carve out her own unique lane of artistic expression.”\

Sasha Hurtado
Sasha Hurtado during her Blind Audition. (NBC)

5. Sasha began performing at just 14.

Sasha started out singing in church with her brother. She got her first gig at 14. The performance took place at a pub. Sasha’s performed for 6 years as an audition-only cast member of a performing arts group.

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