M Lamar: 5 Things To Know About Laverne Cox’s Twin Who Was Revealed On ‘Claim To Fame’

M Lamar, a.k.a. X, was the latest celebrity to be sent home on 'Claim To Fame.' Get to know Laverne Cox's twin brother!

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M Lamar
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The July 25 episode of Claim To Fame featured the reveal of another celebrity relative. Lark decided to pick X for the guess-off and guessed correctly that the 50-year-old is related to Laverne Cox. X announced that his real name is M Lamar.

So, who is M Lamar? He’s talented just like his sister. From his work to his relationship with his sister, here’s what you need to know about M Lamar.

M Lamar
M Lamar on ‘Claim To Fame.’ (ABC)

1. M Lamar praised his sister on Claim To Fame.

After he was eliminated, an emotional M Lamar took a moment to talk about his sister and her impact. “I have so much respect for my sister. I’ve never really spoken about her, but since she’s the reason why I’m here I want to say in front of the world, I love her so much,” he said. I think she is the most extraordinary person I’ve ever met. She has endured all kinds of insanity and continues to. She continues to stand with so much dignity and pride and go forward and be an inspiration for so many people.”

He continued, “Her success is so much bigger than her. The number of Black trans actresses who are on the covers of magazines, who are starring in television shows, all of that did not exist before my sister. And I just want to thank her and praise her.”

2. M Lamar is his stage name.

M Lamar was born Reginald Lamar Cox. He studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. For a period of time, he also attended Yale for graduate school in sculpture.

3. M Lamar and Laverne are twins.

M Lamar and Laverne are identical twins. The siblings were raised by their mother and grandmother in Mobile, Alabama.

4. M Lamar is a performer and artist.

M Lamar is a “composer who works across opera, metal, performance, video, sculpture and installation to craft sprawling narratives of radical becoming,” according to his official website. His work has been presented at the Wellcome Collection London, The Cloisters at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, and more.

Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox is M Lamar’s sister. (Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)


5. M Lamar appeared on Orange Is The New Black.

Laverne starred as Sophia in the long-running Netflix series. She earned 4 Emmy nominations for her performance. M Lamar played a pre-transitioning Sophia in two episodes of Orange Is The New Black.

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