Heather Martin: 5 Things To Know About ‘The Bachelor’ Alum Who Shows Up On Matt’s Season

Matt James was thrown for a loop when Heather Martin showed up out of nowhere to try and get to know him on season 25 of 'The Bachelor.'

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Heather Martin
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Heather Martin made waves when she showed up on the Feb. 8 episode of The Bachelor. Despite the show already being several weeks into filming, Heather arrived to meet Matt James and see if there was a spark between them. Heather’s best friend, Hannah Brown, got to know Matt during quarantine, and told Heather that she thought the two of them would hit it off. Heather wanted to find out for herself, and simply couldn’t let Matt continue on his journey to find love without meeting him first.

Of course, the other women left on the show were floored by Heather’s arrival. It didn’t take long for the cattiness to begin, as the women pointed out that Heather already had her shot to find love on The Bachelor (she was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season in 2019). The drama will continue to play out during the show’s Feb. 15 episode.

Why Did Heather Martin Leave ‘The Bachelor’ On Colton’s Season?

Heather was one of the most buzzed-about contestants on Colton’s season of The Bachelor because she revealed that she was 23-years-old and had never been kissed. Rather than keeping it a secret, though, Heather was upfront with Colton about the situation. He wound up giving her her very first kiss during their one-on-one date! Heather made it to the top 6, but decided to leave the show while on a group date during week 7. The date took place ahead of Hometowns, and Heather simply did not feel ready to introduce Colton to her family, so she opted to leave the show.

Heather Martin & Hannah Brown Are Best Friends

Despite leaving The Bachelor, Heather developed some close friendships on the show. Her most notable post-show friendship is with Hannah Brown, who went on to become the Bachelorette. Heather and Hannah see each other whenever they can and love posting photos of their hangouts on Instagram. Hannah became close friends with Matt when she quarantined with him and Tyler Cameron during the spring of 2020. It’s likely that Hannah’s mutual friendship with both Matt and Heather is the reason that Matt recognized Heather when she arrived on his season of the show.

Did Heather Martin & Lawson Bates Date?

In 2020, Heather starred in the music video for Lawson Bates’ song “Song For A Girl.” Before the video came out, fans buzzed about a potential romance between Heather and the Bringing Up Bates star. However, the relationship was strictly professional as Heather showed off her acting skills in the footage.

How Did Heather Martin & Cassie Randolph Know Each Other?

When Heather first appeared on The Bachelor, there was a familiar face in the midst of the women on the show. It turns out that Heather went to college with Cassie Randolph! They both attended Biola University. Cassie actually went on to win Colton’s season, and although they didn’t get engaged, they dated for more than a year after the show ended. They split in the spring of 2020 and were briefly embroiled in a legal battle when Cassie filed for a restraining order against her ex. She dropped the court order in Nov. 2020.

heather martin red jumpsuit
Heather Martin slays in a red jumpsuit. (AP)

What Does Heather Martin Do?

Before The Bachelor, heather worked as an Assistant Program Manager at Aethercomm, an electronic manufacturing company, according to her LinkedIn. Now, she is preparing to launch a clothing line called Tilted Three with he two sisters, Shannon and Colie. “Tilted Three is getting really real and I cannot wait,” Heather wrote on Instagram on Feb. 7, alongside a photo of herself wearing a hat that had the Tilted Three logo. It’s unclear what the company will launch or the exact products that the sisters will sell.

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