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CupcakKe: 5 Things To Know About The Female Rapper Dropping Fresh Diss Tracks

CupcakKe took Twitter by storm when she dissed artists like Cardi B and more on 'How To Rob (Remix),' and continued her feud with Sukihana on 'The Gag Is.' Get to know CupcakKe, who's been going viral since 2015.

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Her rap alias may be a sugary treat, but CupcakKe didn’t sugarcoat her disses about numerous artists on her “How To Rob” remix that  caused an uproar on Twitter after dropping on Dec. 15. Cardi B, Megan The Stallion, Wiz Khalifa, Lizzo, Doja Cat, Sukihana, Lady Gaga and Tekashi 6ix9ine were among the many artists CupcakKe, 23, had a line or two to say about (and they weren’t nice things).

This prompted backlash, especially from Sukihana. The “5 Foot Freestyle” rapper, who was featured in Cardi and Megan’s “WAP” video, wasted no time in clapping back with her own diss track called “Rob Who? B**ch” on Dec. 17. It took CupcakKe just one day to keep her feud rolling with Sukihana in another diss track, “The Gag Is,” on Dec. 18.

The two rap artists have also been engaged in a back-and-forth Twitter war. “And that’s how you clear a b*tch,” Sukihana tweeted after dropping her diss track. So, after dropping her response diss track, CupcakKe tweeted, “You spoke on my mother . So I spoke on yo kids – family is family F-CK THEM BASTARDS.”

However, this is far from the first time CupcakKe has pushed buttons and boundaries with her music. Learn more about CupcakKe, who is now trending on Twitter:

1. She’s known for explicit lyrics. CupcakKe, whose real name is Elizabeth Harris, started her professional rap career in 2012 by simply releasing her songs online. By 2015, two of her tracks, “Deepthroat” and “Vagina,” had gone viral, with listeners freaking out (and quickly loving her) for her unapologetically raunchy and highly-sexual lyrics. This is quickly what she became known for, as she has no shame when it comes to singing about topics that may seem taboo. CupcakKe even named her first mixtape C*m Cake (which landed the No. 23 spot on Rolling Stone‘s “Best Rap Albums” list in 2016). Since then, CupcakKe has gone on to release four studio albums: Audacious, Queen Elizabitch, Ephorize and Eden. Her last album was released in 2018, and she announced her retirement from music in Sept. 2019 — however, CupcakKe made her comeback with the single “Lawd Jesus” in March of 2020.

Despite her cheeky approach to music, CupcakKe tackles serious topics as well. She wrote “Pedophile” about the relationship between an older man and a minor, and “Picking Cotton,” which tackled racial injustice and police brutality.

2. She’s not interested in a record label. CupcakKe recorded her first demo with literally $50 in her pocket, and is all about keeping her career independent. “I came from nothing, so I know the value of a dollar,” she told Complex in 2016. “And I’m really not stupid. I don’t know about the labels that hit me up — I know who they are but I’m not digging what they’re talking. For the moment, I’ll stay independent.”

3. She started performing in church. Despite the nature of her career today, CupcakKe actually found her love for performing at a local church when she was just 10 years old — she would give poetry readings to pastors about her faith. However, when she turned 13 years old, she was convinced to turn her poetry into rap, which is where her passion for hip-hop began.

4. She’s collaborated with an artist you’ve totally heard of CupcakKe has a song with the hit artist Charlii XCX! The rapper is featured on Charlii’s track “Lip Gloss,” which was released in March 2017.

5. She grew up in homeless shelters. CupcakKe was raised by a single mother, and starting at the age of seven, they spent almost four years living in homeless shelters.