Casey Frey: 5 Things About IG Star Who Has Fans Swooning With Dance Video During Coronavirus

The world is in a frenzy over the coronavirus, but Casey Frey is keeping things light and fun on his social media pages. He posted a new dance video on March 16 that has fans going wild!

casey frey
Image Credit: Casey Frey/Youtube

Casey Frey is known for posting funny videos on social media, and fear of the coronavirus isn’t stopping him from giving fans some content. The Internet star posted a new video of himself dancing in a gas station parking lot on March 16, and fans cannot get enough. Twitter was immediately flooded with people gushing over how sexy Casey is, and he even started trending on the social media site! Here’s more to know about the 26-year-old:

1. He got started on Vine. Like so many Internet stars today, Casey started his career on Vine. He would upload hilarious six-second videos on the platform, and it didn’t take long for him to go viral. By the time the app shut down, he had more than 250,000 followers. His career took off thanks to a Vine called ‘bad bois’ in 2016, in which he portrayed both the “bad boi” and the girl who he’s trying to get with.

2. He’s a dancer. There’s a reason that Casey’s dance videos are so talented — he’s actually trained in dance! Before he got famous on Vine, Casey was actually trying to pursue a career in the dance industry. He took classes at the School of Performing Arts & Cultural Education, as well as lessons from his uncle and some friends.

3. He mostly posts comedy videos. While Casey still shares his dancing with us quite often, he’s more known for his short, comedic videos on Instagram now. Casey has played a number of characters over the years, and many of them are recurring and appear in multiple of his videos.

4. He has his own merchandise. Casey has gained such popularity, that he’s been able to sell his own merch! He has a website where fans can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts and more. Many of the items reference jokes that are made in his videos.

5. He has three siblings. Casey is one of four siblings. He actually first started making videos at home with one of his brothers when they were kids.

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