Cade Hudson: 5 Things About The Man Emma Roberts Held Hands With At Paris Hilton’s Wedding

Who was that dashing man escorting Emma Roberts into Paris Hilton's glamorous wedding? Why, it was Cade Hudson, and here's what you need to know about him.

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When Emma Roberts strode into Paris Hilton’s star-studded wedding at her family’s Bel-Air estate on Thursday, she had a tall drink of water walking her in. Cade Hudson held Emma’s hand as they walked in, with Emma, 30, wearing a jacket over her shoulders while wearing a black tulle dress. The pairing caught the eyes of many, since Cade towered over the 5’2″ American Horror Story actress. This had many asking who this man was, especially since Emma is romantically linked with Garret Hedlund.

Emma and Garret, 36, are notoriously low-key when it comes to their relationship. The couple — who welcomed a son, Rhodes, in December 2020 —  made a rare public appearance together in Boston this past June. The two took their then-six-month-old child around the town, and Emma even paused to give Garret a kiss. Around that time, there were reports that Emma and Garrett’s relationship was stronger than ever. As for Emma and Cade, the two are known to be close friends, so here’s what you need to know about Mr. Hudson.


1. Cade Hudson Is An Agent

Paris Hilton’s wedding to Carter Reum was full of big-name celebrities. The guestlist included Kyle Richards, Paula Abdul, Bebe Rexha, Ashley Benson, and the rest of the Hilton clan. So, how did Cade score an invite to this event? He doesn’t have a song in the charts, a hit reality television show, or a movie coming out. What gives? Well, it turns out that Cade is one of the movers and shakers in Hollywood. He’s an agent at the legendary talent and sports agency, Creative Artists Agency.

2. He Works With Britney Spears, Ciara, & More

Cade works with a lot of superstars in the entertainment field. As of November 2021, Variety listed him as one of the agents for stars like Ciara, Stephen Amell, Sophia Bush, Ansel Elgort, Pom Klementieff, Heidi Klum, Sean Penn, and – shock! – Emma Roberts. However, Cade is mainly known as the longtime agent for one Britney Spears, having worked with her for close to a decade.

3. Cade Reportedly Spoke Out Against Britney’s Conservatorship

“I’ve kept my mouth shut for 12 + years on Britney. Enough is enough,” Cade wrote in a now-private Social Media post in July, according to TMZ. “After getting thousands of death threats, getting water bottles thrown at my head in bars from bystanders telling me I’m brainwashing her – Britney, I’m now speaking up.” Cade referenced Britney’s breakdown in 2007, saying, “Britney who was accused of some errors as a new mom at 26 with 100 cameras in her face daily waiting to document any wrong move she did gets placed under a never-ending conservatorship?”

“This is a violation of someone’s basic human rights that were taken away. I’ve kept my mouth shut out of the fear of losing my job as her agent and losing the career I worked my ass off for 15 years to build, out of threats from the man we all know who, but I won’t even dignify mentioning his name. I’m officially done being quiet.”

Cade Hudson at 2013’s NYLON Young Hollywood issue party (Sara Jaye/Shutterstock)

4. He Reportedly Helped Britney In Her Conservatorship Fight

Cade has been by Britney’s side during her conservatorship woes, according to TMZ. Before working as her agent, he’s been one of her “closest friends for a dozen of years.” Cade allegedly hooked up Britney with attorney Mathew Rosengart, who has helped her in her fight against the legal conservatorship.

5. He’s Appears On Britney’s Instagram 

If Cade has a social media presence, he’s keeping a very, very low profile. However, fans will occasionally see him pop up on Britney’s Instagram. In March 2020, Britney celebrated Mariah Carey’s birthday by posting a picture of her and Cade alongside Mariah.


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