Felicity Blunt: Everything To Know About Stanley Tucci’s Wife & Emily Blunt’s Sister

Stanley Tucci has been happily married to Felicity Tucci for nine years. Here's everything you need to know about the British spouse.

Felicity Blunt, Stanley Tucci
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Stanley Tucci, 60, is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood and he has a glorious leading lady by his side every day to enjoy his success. The Hunger Games star is celebrating his ninth wedding anniversary with his wife Felicity Tucci this summer, making them one of the strongest couples in the entertainment industry. The devoted spouses also share two children, including son Matteo, 6, and daughter Emilia, 3, together, helping to further strengthen their bond.

After losing his first wife, Kate Tucci, to cancer in 2009, Stanley has admitted that he still grieves her death even after marrying Felicity, but his second wife helps him fulfill his first wife’s wish of not wallowing in that grief and instead, finding happiness in his life once again.

Felicity Blunt, Stanley Tucci
Felicity and Stanley Tucci pose together at a previous event. (Shutterstock)

Check out the facts below to find out more about Felicity and her marriage to Stanley.

How Did Stanley & Felicity Meet?

Felicity’s famous actress sister Emily Blunt, actually helped the now husband and wife make their love connection. Stanley and Felicity reportedly met at Emily’s wedding to husband John Krasinski, 41, which took place at George Clooney‘s Lake Como home in 2010. The pair apparently hit it off right away and ended up having their own star-studded wedding two years later. Attendees included Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, and Steve Buscemi, who was Stanley’s best man.

Felicity Blunt, Stanley Tucci
Felicity and Stanley Tucci at The National Book Awards in London in 2018. (Shutterstock)

What Kind Of Career Does Felicity Have?

Felicity, who is originally from England, works as a literary agent at Curtis Brown in London. She reportedly works on cookbooks, thrillers, suspense crime, and historical and literary fiction.

She Met Stanley’s Late Wife Kate Before Her Death.

Stanley said the two of them met at the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada, a film Stanley and Felicity’s sister Emily was in, in 2006. “We found out just before I did that movie that she had breast cancer,” Stanley said about Kate, who he married in 1995, when talking about the moment on the WTF With Marc Maron Podcast in Feb. 2021. “So I did the movie, and she started treatments, and then we had the premiere, and then she was alive for four more years after that.”

“But that’s where I met Emily and we became friends,” he added. “And, actually, Felicity — Emily’s sister, my wife — she and Kate talked at the premiere that night and I have a photo of them together, which is so odd. And then many years later, I ended up marrying Felicity.”

Felicity Is The Stepmom Of Stanley’s Grown Children With Kate.

Before her death, Stanley and Kate had three children, including twins Isabel and Nicolo, who were born in 2000, and Camilla, who was born in 2002.

Stanley Tucci, Felicity Blunt. Actor Stanley Tucci and partner Felicity Blunt
Stanley and Felicity Tucci pose together with smiles. (Shutterstock)

She Co-Authored A Cookbook With Stanley.

They released The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends in 2014 and have showed off their cooking skills on social media. One of Stanley’s videos in which he makes a Negroni for Felicity even went viral and can be seen below. Felicity also uses her own social media to rave about authors she works with and her husband’s work and accomplishments, including the release of his memoir, Taste: My Life Through Food, which has a release date of Oct. 5, 2021.

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