Owen Knight: 5 Things About The ‘Survivor’ Player Who Fought His Way Into The Top 5

Despite being an underdog earlier this season on 'Survivor,' Owen Knight has found himself in the show's Dec. 14 finale episode.

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Owen Knight
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  • Owen Knight is a contestant on season 43 of ‘Survivor.’
  • He works as a fitness coach in addition to his full-time career.
  • Owen is one of five players left heading into the season 43 finale.

Owen Knight is one of five contestants who is still competing for the $1 million prize on season 43 of Survivor, which will come to an end with a three-hour finale on Dec. 14. Earlier this season, Owen found himself on the outside of a majority alliance that formed after the merge. He won a clutch immunity challenge to avoid being voted off at the top 11, and then continued to fight his way through as other players began turning on each other.

A big twist in the game at the final 10 saw the tribe split into two groups at tribal council, and Owen teamed up with Noelle Lambert to pull off an epic blindside that kept them in the game. Now, he’s hoping that he has what it takes to be named the Sole Survivor against Jesse Lopez, Mike Gabler, Karla Cruz Godoy and Cassidy Clark. Learn more about Owen below.


Owen Knight
Owen Knight on ‘Survivor’ (Photo: CBS)

1. Owen lives in New Orleans.

Owen currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is where he attended college. He graduated from Tulane University in 2014 from the A.B. Freeman School of Business. He got his Master’s Degree from Tulane in 2018, according to his LinkedIn. While he calls NOLA home, Owen actually grew up in Maryland.

2. He works in college admissions.

Owen started working in college admissions at Tulane University in 2012, while he was still a student. He began as an admission intern, before moving up the hierarchy at the school. As of July 2021, Owen is the Director of Admission Engagement at Tulane University.

Owen Knight
Owen Knight on ‘Survivor 43’ (Photo: CBS)

3. He’s a coach at Orange Theory.

Owen is a fitness coach at the gym Orange Theory in New Orleans. In October, Owen proudly revealed that he rode 3.43 miles in 22 min, which was a personal record. Owen announced the exciting news on Instagram and told his followers to “never stop improving.”

4. He’s engaged.

Owen got engaged to his girlfriend Sammy Stevens on September 10. Owen shared photos from the proposal a week later, alongside a sweet message about Sammy.

“One week ago, I asked my best friend to marry me, and she said ‘hell yes!’ he wrote on Instagram. “Sammy, I can’t wait for a lifetime of more laughs and adventures with you! Every day together is a gift, whether we are exploring a new city, sharing great food, or snuggling up watching reality TV. I want it all. I love you!” Owen added.

5. Owen is a ‘Survivor’ superfan.

Owen revealed to Parade that he watched Survivor as a kid, but then he got busy and didn’t keep up with the show. That all changed in September 2016 when he watched the premiere of Survivor: Millenials Vs. Gen X on a plane. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, Survivor’s still on. It’s so good,’ ” he said in the interview. “I have this new appreciation for it getting to fall in love with it again as an adult and really appreciating how complex of a game it is.”

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