‘On My Block’ Season 4 Updates: Everything We Know About The Final Season

Their story isn't over. 'On My Block' season 4 is coming in October 2021, and Hollywood has the latest news about the final season.

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On My Block
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The On My Block crew is getting back together one last time. The hit Netflix series has been renewed for a fourth and final season. Netflix announced season 4 on January 29, 2021. After that jaw-dropping season 3 finale, On My Block fans need answers. And we’re going to get them.

Season 4 will be released on October 4. Knowing On My Block, you know the final season is going to be epic. From the cast to filming news to the season 4 plot, HollywoodLife has all the updates about On My Block season 4 updates.

On My Block
The iconic crew of ‘On My Block’ will be back for season 4. (Netflix)


All of the core cast members are returning for the fourth and final season. Netflix confirmed the main cast would be coming back via Twitter. “It’s official!! The squad is linking up for one last adventure. On My Block is coming back for a 4th and final season! Grab the gnomies and get ready!” the tweet read.

On My Block’s key cast members include Sierra Capri (Monse), Diego Tinoco (Cesar), Jason Genao (Ruby), Brett Gray (Jamal), Jessica Marie Garcia (Jasmine), Julio Macias (Spooky), and Peggy Blow (Abuelita). Additional cast members, including the final season’s big bad, have not been announced yet.

Season 4 Filming

Season 4 of On My Block has started filming — finally! Many cast members celebrated being back on set and posted photos on their Instagram pages. Sierra Capri shared pictures of the core cast back together again and all masked up on set. “Gang Gang,” she captioned the series of photos posted on March 19. Paula Garcés was also featured in the photos, which confirmed she will be back as Ruby’s mom.

Brett Gray also posted one of the same cast photos and wrote, “Last time.” He later shared an Instagram photo of himself that also featured Jason Genao and Jessica Marie Garcia on set. 

Diego Tinoco kicked off season 4 filming in a big way. To get into character as Cesar, Diego had to shave his head on his first day back. He chronicled his transformation in an Instagram video. “1st day officially back! Shooting the last season of @onmyblock Comment your predictions!” he captioned his Instagram video. At the end of season 3, a flash-forward revealed Cesar is a member of the Santos gang. In those final moments, he’s also sporting a shaved head.

Release Date

The final season will hit Netflix on October 4. Season 3 premiered in March 2020. The fourth and final season of On My Block will consist of 10 episodes. While we all wait for the final season, you can rewatch the past 3 seasons of On My Block on Netflix.

What Happened In Season 3?

On My Block season 3 ended with a game-changing time jump. Monse left Freeridge and went away to school on the east coast. Despite the crew promising nothing would ever change, everything did change.

Julio Macias
Julio Macias stars as Spooky. (Netflix)

The two-year time jump revealed that Ruby and Jasmine are happy and in love but not friends with Jamal anymore. Jamal is also on the football team. Spooky got out of the gang life and has a baby on the way. Monse made new friends at school and seems to have forgotten all about her life in Freeridge. The biggest shocker of all was that Cesar is now a part of the Santos gang. He has shaved his head and now has a Santos tattoo on his back.

Season 4 Plot

The On My Block writers are tight-lipped about spoilers surrounding the final season. However, they’ve dropped a few morsels of information for fans. On January 30, a picture of “final season spoilers” was posted to On My Block’s official Instagram. “It’s been a while, so we couldn’t just leave it at that. We’ve got new season spoilers (with absolutely no context),” the caption read.

The photo features a piece of bread, a wrecked car, a Portland sign, flowers (possibly a corsage), and what appears to be an IV bag. Naturally, the crashed car has fans freaking that someone may die in season 4. Crossing our fingers everyone makes it out of the final season safe and sound.

When HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with showrunner Lauren Iungerich during season 3’s launch, she promised that all of your questions would be answered if the show was renewed for season 4. “You will understand why the crew fell apart,” Lauren told HL. “What specifically were the little specifics along the way other than just the mission to find Oscar and band together to kill Cuchillos. That was the first crack in the veneer of friendship, the idea that they love each other so much they would consider killing someone.” She also noted that the “endgame” with Lil’ Ricky would be revealed.

On My Block co-creators and EPs Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft also teased season 4 scoop in our EXCLUSIVE interview. Eddie noted that we would definitely see a “darker shade to Cesar given what he’s seen.” He later added, “If there is a season 4, you wonder what is the Cesar who runs the gang look like? What does an Oscar look like? Who, at the end of season 3, is going to become a father. What does that do to him? What does it do when you take the guy out of the life? You can take the guy out of the life, but can you take the life out of the guy? That’s the biggest question.” Jeremy also stressed that there would be “flashbacks to help fill in what happened to the Core Four. With Jasmine, the Core Five. And with Spooky, the Core Six.”

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