Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman’s 14 Kids: Her Octuplets Plus 6 More — What We Know

Nadya Suleman is known for being 'Octomom' but she has a whopping 14 kids in total! Here's everything you need to know about her teenagers.

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Nadya Suleman
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Nadya Suleman earned the title of “Octomom” after she gave birth to eight children at once. On January 26, 2009, she gave birth to octuplets and made history as the second woman to ever do so. Before the octuplets, she had six children, two of which are twins. While the mom of many children initially denied it, she later admitted that she had all 14 of her children through IVF. In fact, six of her octuplets came from six embryos leftover from her previous IVF.

Nadya Suleman and kids
Nadya Suleman and her kids sit down for dinner. (MEGA)

In the present day, she and the octuplets have defied odds as all of them have survived and grown up to be healthy teenagers. In fact, the mom of 14, recently celebrated the 13-year-olds’ birthday with a sweet message and throwback pic of them when they were pre-school aged. Here is everything you need to know about those octuplets and her other six children.

Elijah Makai Soloman

The eldest of Nadya’s children, Elijah Makai Soloman, was born on May 19, 2001. At 20 years old, he was her only child at one point. Little did he know, he’d have 13 brothers and sisters. His mother praised him and posted a picture of him blowing out the candles on his most recent birthday. “Happy 20th birthday to my first baby boy Elijah! Despite the battles we have fought and challenges we have faced over the years, you have grown into such a kind, caring, conscientious, and humble young man,” she wrote in the post.

Amerah Yasmeen Soloman

Nadya’s oldest daughter and second oldest child Ameerah Yasmeen Soloman is 19 years old. She recently graduated high school and has a bright future ahead of her. For her 19th birthday, her mother treated her to a trip to Disneyland and a BBQ on the beach. During her Instagram post dedicated to her daughter, she highlighted the 19-year-old’s big personality. “Sharing more pics than usual to lightheartedly show the discrepancies in Amerah and my personalities lol,” she wrote. “guess which one of us is the gregarious, outgoing extrovert? And who is the socially awkward, painfully shy, introvert, avoiding the sun like it’s COVID?”

Joshua Jacob Soloman

Nadya’s second-oldest son and third-oldest child Joshua Jacob Soloman is 18 years old. She has noted on multiple occasions that JJ values his privacy and tries to respect that as much as possible. That’s why she posted a throwback pic in honor of his birthday. “Happy 18th birthday to my second oldest son Joshua,” she wrote in the caption. “You have grown into a highly intelligent, self-motivated, hard working, responsible, and respectful young man (despite being the ONLY non vegan in the family 🤷🏻‍♀️). You are a rare and unique individual, with the most sardonic sense of humor of anyone I’ve ever known. I love you more than words can express. You are loved and appreciated by us all. I respect your choice to remain private, and always will.”

Aidan Soloman

Aidan Soloman is Nadya’s fourth child. The 16-year-old was diagnosed with Autism and she has been an advocate for him ever since. She has spoken out about how she wants an inclusive environment for him just like the rest of her children. She also opened up about the hardships he has gone through.”Aidan, who is severely autistic, is not too happy on his day of dental surgery. Poor baby doesn’t understand what’s happening to him 😥…Please send your prayers,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Calyssa Arielle Soloman

Calyssa Arielle Soloman has a fraternal twin named Caleb. At 15 years old, she is already finding her strengths. Her mom recently showed off her “artistic abilities” on Instagram. She showed off a beautiful watercolor painting of a sunset setting behind a green hill. Her mom also recently attributed her as “hard-working” and a good student at school while adding that she’s an animal lover and close to her cat Penelope.

Caleb Kai Soloman

Nadya Suleman
Nadya Suleman and her children. (Shutterstock)

Caleb Kai Soloman is fraternal twins with his sister Calyssa. The 15-year-old also leads a private life and doesn’t have much of a presence on his mom’s social media. However, it’s likely that he’s close to his twin as well as the rest of his 13 siblings.


Nariyah is one of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old is already quite talented. Her mom recently posted a song that her daughter wrote showing that she has the potential to be a future songwriter. “Nariyah is a natural and passionate song writer, and has written nearly 20 songs independently,” she wrote. “This song is called ‘Pouring Down,’ which she describes as cognitively reframing a negative or challenging situation, experience, event, or emotion into a positive perspective. Hope this makes you smile.”


Nadya Suleman and her octuplets.
Nadya Suleman and her octuplets. (MEGA)

Isaiah is one of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old leads a private life aside from the cameos he makes in Nadya’s pictures in all of the octuplets. Based on the picture, it seems like he enjoys spending time with his other siblings his age.


Maliyah is one of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old has a kind heart and based on her mom’s Instagram posts, has a potential future in being a chef. Nadya has uploaded a number of her creations including a recent batch of chocolate pancakes with yummy peanut butter. Not to mention, they were vegan!


Nadya Suleman
Nadya Suleman and her octuplets. (MEGA)

Jeremiah is one of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old is another one who doesn’t have much of a social media presence. However, based on pictures, it seems like he loves having fun with his same-aged siblings.


Noah is one of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old is not only close pals with their cat Penelope but he has a special talent. Noah seems to be the musician of the family as Nadya complimented him on a job well done at a concert. He posed holding a violin as Nadya wrote,  “Be proud of yourself Noah on your beginning strings performance! You were wonderful.”


Josiah is one of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old seems to love the spotlight and may be the future actor of the bunch. Nadya uploaded an adorable video of Josiah’s big moment in a play that he was in and his stage presence is just too adorable. “Couldn’t help but share Josiah’s solo part in the OC play,” she captioned the video.


Jonah is one of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old may be the future nutritionist in the family. Look at him holding that humungous piece of lettuce! If he ate all of that himself, then he definitely is going to grow up strong and healthy.


Makai is one of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old seems to have a heart of gold. He’s best buddies with his older brother Aidan and Nadya often documents their relationship, calling Makai Adan’s “guardian angel.” In another post, she explained the nature of their tight-knit relationship. “Makia is so connected to his big brother Aidan (who has severe autism and is cognitively one and a half)…watching them together fills my heart like nothing else, ” she captioned the post.